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Nov 12, 2008 04:49 AM

Uses for Pear Brandy?

So we have a new BevMo in town, and I was sucked into the vortex of their brandy section. I bought a 375ml bottle of Williams (Bartlett) pear brandy from Clear Creek Distillery. More info here:

I'm not really a spirits drinker so my intention is to use it in desserts and perhaps cocktails. I already plan to use it in pear sorbet. One recipe here:

Maybe I'll use some in sauteed pears for crepes. Or I'll try galleygirl's famous pear tart w/ a dash of pear brandy in the batter. Pear tart/cake recipe here:

It's pear season here and I'm really in the mood. Please pass along any ideas or recipes (especially for exciting cocktails :-))! Oh, and does this stuff last forever once opened? Should I store in the fridge or freezer? Thanks for your help.

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  1. I just recently used some while making Sangria and it was delicious.
    Perhaps a mulled wine with some pear brandy added?

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    1. re: CeeBee

      Oh, I like the sound of using it in a winter sangria or mulled wine! Thanks for the idea.

    2. Maybe make a simple syrup and add some brandy, brush on the pear tart, unless you think it would be too moist then. I haven't made galleygirl's cake, so I don't know how moist it is to begin with.

      I bet it would work in a semifreddo, too. Put the semifreddo inside your crepe, sauteed pears alongside -- cold and warm.

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      1. re: nemo

        Thanks for your reply. GG's pear tart/cake is pretty moist on top from what I remember. The pears should be dead ripe. I think lacing some of the batter w/ the pear brandy would be nice...

        I better buy some pears from the farmers market this weekend!

      2. The minute I saw the title, my first thought was galleygirl's tart.:-)

        I love this recipe for glazed chestnuts with haricots verts but never liked the maple liquer idea. I'll bet the pear brandy would be great in it.The glazed chestnuts are addicting. I could just eat those.

        1. Pear Brandy would be great in Julia Child's original pear clafouti...

          1. I don't drink alcohol anymore, but I recall enjoying a tsp or two of pear brandy in a flute of cava brut or a larger quantity as a highball mixed with ginger ale. Sprinkle on leftover pound cake, too. And, yes, it will last once opened; I kept it with liquers and such.

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            1. re: marthasway

              Thanks for the quick cocktail ideas. I was thinking that pear w/ ginger ale or sparkling wine would be nice. I'm also going to try making sidecars.

              So it sounds like you store at room temp. in a cool cabinet? I don't really have a liquor cabinet per se. Can I store in the freezer w/ my vodka and limoncello or is that not a good idea?