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Nov 12, 2008 04:11 AM

Rimmerman's secret pizza joint?

So, any ideas where Garagiste Jon Rimmerman's secret pizza joint is located?

"...and so began my journey to one of the most talked about pizza establishments in the world (at the present moment) - no sign, no menu, no wait-staff. There may be nothing to eat, but there is everything to look forward to. If he feels like making pizza, you are graced with the most divine creation that basil, cheese, sauce and dough have ever quantified. If he doesn’t, you walk away knowing that there is always another day. The only clue that this “restaurant” may be open is a pyramid of hand-made mozzarella balls being depleted one-by-one as the pizzas are produced - you can glance through the window at the dwindling stack of rotund cheese bricks and gauge your chances of actually eating a pizza - if there are more than 20-30 people waiting outside and it looks like only 15-20 mozzarella balls left, you may as well leave. When the cheese is gone, they close - even if you’ve waited for 2 hours in the rain. All of this is certain restaurant suicide but, in this case, there is a longer line outside everyday. How can this obtuse attitude be tolerated? Easy - the pizza in among the finest gastronomic creations in the world and the difficulty obtaining it is almost part of the appeal. "

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    1. Must be somewhere in Italy, probably Naples.

      1. This sounds like my favorite wood fired pizza joint in Agno (near Lugano CH). Maybe all of us could charter an airplane?

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        1. Funny, but with exception from the owner's (rightful) arrogance and wood burning oven, the experience reminds me or DiFaro's in Brooklyn. The East coast pizza's creator painstakingly constructs each pie with only a few premium ingredients (flor de latte, reggianno, intense tomato sauce, basil grown on the window sill, and occasionally fresh porcini mushrooms). Of course, DiFaro's is world-famous for 40 years and the biggest challange in finding this gem is that it is nearly an hour by train from downtown Manhattan. One thing that amazes me about DiFaro's is that he cooks the pies in an old electric pizza oven, yet he's still able to summon the gods of charred crust and bubbles to the surface!

          I do hope this mystery pizza joint in is in the Northwest. I'll travel whatever distances I must to satisfy my thin-crust cravings.

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            Based on this quote "with the most delicate olive oil made famous in the region sprinkled on top." it can't be Seattle.