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Nov 12, 2008 03:21 AM

Atlantis Cove, Paradise Island

We will be at Atlantic Cove Thanksgiving week. It is our first time there. We will go to Mesa Grill and Matisse (as I see it's highly recommended on this board). What other restaurants can you recommend to try as well as to avoid. We'd love to go to some local places rather than all 'resort' restaurants. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. Mesa Grill is a definite winner, and Matisse, outside in the courtyard, is one of our favourites! Keep in mind that Matisse is closed Sunday & Monday.

    If money is no object, there is also Nobu at Atlantis, and Dune at the One & Only Ocean Club is wonderful.

    I haven't been, but I hear that the buffet at Mosaic (inside Cove) is excellent.

    Back over on New Providence west of the PI bridge is Shogun Revolver. The only place where you can regularly get a 5 or 7 course "faith" tasting menu. They also have a wonderful dining room and separate lounge/terrace menu.

    For a casual meal, Green Parrot on PI - great burgers, great onion rings, good cold beer! Green Parrot on New Providence is beside Shogun Revolver and just doesn't have the same atmosphere!

    If you want to venture a bit west, Arawak Cay is good for fish fry.

    Those would be my top picks if you're going to be on PI. Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. This was many years ago but there were these carts by the bridge connecting Paradise Island to Nassau. They had some delicious conch salad. Also I didn't go but heard wonderful things about the Fish Fry place in Nassau.

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        The best "shack" for conch salad under the PI bridge is from George's. Can't be beat.

      2. Shogun Revolver ( is without a doubt; the BEST restaurant in the Bahamas...period! I have been coming ere 15 years now and was amazed to find a place with big-city standards and vibe! I have been there several times and it has been spectacular each and everytime! The food, service and ambiance are unmatched. They have created the "New York", "Paris" feel right in the Bahamas. The owners (The Chef and his wife) are amazing and have knowledge like very few I have met. Definately have the FAITH Tasting menu (7-course) with the wine flights as it is different and incredibly unique everytime. Other restauarnts are good, but not up to the level that Shogun Revolver is. The amizing fact is that their prices are also as good, if not cheaper than their "competieion", with their pricing far less than Dune or any high-end Atlantis establishments. I was told they were $$$$ but was amazed when I saw what my bill was for what I recieved! They also have put together a very crafty winelist with by the bottle with many selections from small Napa winemakers) and by the glass selections that are origional and fresh on an island where Yellowtail and Santa Margarita usually rule. Resrevations are required, but not as herd to get as rumors suggest...we booked on Thursday for Friday. If you are still around yourself a favour and go to Shogun.