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Nov 12, 2008 02:51 AM

Restaurant and Gourmet Supply Stores?

Just moved to Princeton area from California. One of the things I miss already from LA was the restaurant supply and gourmet food stores. Check out www.surfasonline.com for an example of the type of store and stuff I am looking for. I could find restaurant-grade pots, pans, dishes, and other equipment, as well as lots of hard-to-find ingredients. I've been into Bon Appetit a few times and it's nice, but the prices are high on the gourmet foods and they don't carry the equipment I'm looking for. When you need high-quality equipment and ingredients, where are you shopping? I'm becoming fearful that I'll simply need to shlep to NYC and Philly to get what I need.

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  1. Depending on the ingredients you want you should check out Great Wall Asian Mkt on rte 27 in Franklin and the Dutch Farmers Market on rte 27 in Kingston (thur-sat only). There is a restaurant supply store in Highland Park called Brunswick Supply and a very large one in Neptune called Johnsons.

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      Cherry Hill Restaurant & Bar Supply on Route 70 in CH supposedly has a very good selection and good cust service. Also, I know from a designer who specializes in doing kitchens that there are some restaurant suppliers in Trenton and a big on in Plainfield. I have no idea if they allow the regular public in; however.
      There is a Penseys Spice retail store in the Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia that friends swear by. I haven't been, so I can't speak to it personally.
      However, one place you might want to try for hard to find ingredients and also just for the experience, is the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. Get there early on a Saturday and you can have breakfast from one of the Amish vendors, and spend a few hours visiting the different merchants inside. You can find all sorts of different food items, and there is a spice store right in the terminal. It's one of my favorite places, and you will probably really enjoy it.


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        One more store you might be interested in, though it's not cheap is Sur La Table. There is a location in Marlton. Beautiful cooking accessories, dishes, tools etc. Nothing in the way of fresh ingredients. I believe they also have a location in Freehold.

    2. North 2nd St in Philadelphia has a cluster of restaurant equipment suppliers within a four block area (from Race to Arch Streets). Most have retail sales and all have anything you'd need from commercial pots & pans, to dishes, cutlery, furniture, equipment of all shapes and sizes, etc.

      Best of all, it's easy to get to (direct exit off I-95 South), there's on street parking and the area around these stores is filled with other eclectic design/decor shops, boutiques, cafes, etc. It's worth the schlep!


      In Princeton, Kitchen Kapers (?) on Palmer Sq has an OK collection of kitchen gadgets and accessories for the home cook, but nothing different than you can find in many other places including online sources.

      1. There's a place at tthe Flemington Outlet center, I forget its name, that has a good selection of gadgets and cooking related things - not restaurant grade, but for the serious home cook.

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          I've been to this place a number of times while picking up some stuff from the Le Creuset outlet.....It's one of those places I hope to find something, but never do. Most of the stuff there is as-seen-on-tv type stuff and not really high quality or anything.

          if you want 100 different ravioli making machines, or some cheapie pans and single-use gadgets, this place is full of them.

          (the le creuset outlet there is cool though! and If I can remember, the pizza place there is good!)

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            That store may be gone as it's not listed on the website directory:


            It sold basically the same stuff as Kitchen Kapers in P'ton offers. Nothing I'd call commercial and lot's of gadgets. See it all here: http://www.kitchenkapers.com/

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              Le Gourmet Chef is the store at Flemington outlets. It has a pretty good selection of unusual dips/mustards/salsa, etc. They also sell some pretty interesting cooking appliances.

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                The store's still there (it moved to a different location but it's there). But I agree that it's not a great equipment source. I've rarely found what I was looking for whenever I've gone there.

            2. If you can't find what you want in Philadelphia you should definitely check out Bridge Kitchenware, which moved from NYC to Hanover, NJ this year. For over 60 years, Bridge was THE place in the city to find high quality kitchenware. I think you'll enjoy it!


              As for gourmet food items, I doubt you will find a single store near Princeton that offers what you're looking for. Most of the places that come close, but are much smaller than what you're used to, have been mentioned in this thread or in an earlier one you started.

              And by all means do check out the Reading Terminal Market in Philly!

              Finally, you should have a look at the Cookware forum and do some searches using appropriate key words.

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                Glutton, I was at the Wine Library in Springfield today and they were promoting the fact that NJ Life magazine had rated their gourmet section the #1 gourmet store in NJ. I'm not sure I agree with this since the gourmet section is fairly small and is dominated by cheeses.

                In any case, here's a link for you to look at. Page down about half way and you will see the section on gourmet stores. In addition to the Wine Library, several others are mentioned.


              2. http://www.shorerestaurantsupply.com/
                Rudy's Restaurant Equipment & Supplies
                804 Arnold Avenue
                Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742
                (732) 892-4409