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Nov 12, 2008 12:14 AM

Help me find a good Korean restaurant in Victoria!

Hi, I moved to Victoria from Toronto, where there is plenty of Korean restaurant options between the two Koreatown's (uptown and downtown) and in between. I also spent half a year in Korea and grew to love a lot of the lesser known k-dishes.
So, I want to know, where would you go to get your Korean food fix in the Victoria area?
I don't see much selection, but am I missing any places that are worth trying out? I'm hoping there's some really great places considering all the Korean international students there seem to be in Victoria.


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  1. There is a Korean place on Fort between Blanshard and Douglas that is pretty tasty. I haven't been there in about 6 months - it might not even be there anymore. Unfortunately it seems the small, family-owned ethnic places in town tend to crap out after not too long.

    1. I used to go to this place on Yates, just west of Douglas. I'm not sure how good it is compared to other Korean places in town, though. The only other place I went to was Guru, which has since closed under some sad circumstances.

      1. Thanks victoriafoodie and twinkienic!

        I actually tried out the one on Yates, west of Douglas last week and wasn't too impressed with the jjampong and the dol soht bibimbap. The jjampong was chock full of noodles and not a whole lot of seafood, which is bad for a seafood dish. The seafood is what makes the broth taste really really good. The dol soht bibimbap was alright, but when it first came out it was hot, but not HOT. I think with a stone bowl dish, it should be properly sizzling hot, or else there's no point. :) I know i'm quite picky with korean food. It was nice that I was able to send it back to get it heated up and when it came out, it was sizzling hot.
        Other than that, I think the prices are a bit high for what it was.

        I think I've passed by the one on Fort. Is it a BBQ place that's kind of linked with another Korean restaurant right beside it? I've been curious, but it looks so empty and pretty bare inside.

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          Honestly, sumashi, you may want to 'broaden your horizons' and ask where there is good Korean food on the mainland. Victoria has never been known as a hotbed for good Korean food. The best I've had in Victoria is at the Korean Gardens at 3945C Quadra St (across from the Keg), and it was just okay, not spectacular.

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            Yep, that's the one. I'm no aficionado of Korean food but it was pretty tasty to me.