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Nov 11, 2008 10:23 PM

Please suggest a spa/healthy/low-fat restaurant!

I need a great restaurant that serves delicious, beautiful food for people watching their weight (i.e. low fat or low carb) or a spa type menu or maybe even a place that lists its calories.

The budget is $40 per person for lunch and it has to be in Venice, Santa Monica or the Manhattan Beach area.

I know you can rise to this challenge fellow Chowhounds.


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  1. Whenever I walk by Axe (on my way to the 3 Square Bakery for my cheese and bacon twist, mind you), I see all sorts of skinny, fashionable, healthy-looking people eating at Axe. I've eaten there once and while the menu was not exclusively low-calorie, they really did seem to cater to people who had very particular food needs. The meal I had (brunch -- we had their five-grain pancake and a scone) was pretty good and it was an entertaining scene inside the restaurant. Axe is on Abbot Kinney, at the northern end of the main drag.

    1. Juliano's Raw
      Real Food Daily

      1. fwiw, whenever i'm in my 'watching it' mode, i find it very easy to construct a delicious, beautiful meal at 26 beach restaurant located at 3100 washington.
        they have a lot of low carb options and low calorie options.
        the restaurant is pretty and the tab will come in within your budget.

        1. How about M Chaya, Akasha or Tasty Greens in Culver City.

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            imho tender greens in culver city would not be nearly upscale enough for this type of party.

            waiting in line to give your order and paying at the cashier up front would not be what i'd be looking for if i was willing to pay $40/pp

          2. Oliver Cafe in Beverly Hills. Not too far from Santa Monica. Lists healthy choice options.

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              Le Pain Quotidian in the Metlox Plaza in MB lists calories on their menu. The food is so expensive, you will get close to the 40 p.p. limit with dessert. It has an outdoor Patio and is very pleasant. Next door is Petros-upscale greek and very healthy if you order carefully and avoid the bread/pita. I like the shrimp saganiki, grilled octopus, eggplant dip and the salads.
              You may wish to consider sashimi at Sashi in the same Plaza-very clubby and expensive but the food is decent.

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                Thanks for all the suggestions - I'm definitely going to try out Axe soon! For this meal I'm booking Oliver Cafe as it meets all of the requirements and is the perfect place for these particular guests.

                Thanks Chowhounds : )