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Nov 11, 2008 09:01 PM

African Meat Market in Boston

I saw online that there is an African Meat market in Boston. Was wondering if anyone has been to it, and if there is anything that is particularly good, or unusual as far as the meat. Any specific game meats? Cheers

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  1. It's a halal butcher shop in Haymarket. I haven't been, but it seems unlikely they would have game meats.

    1. only game meat i saw was quail

      1. If you are looking for "African" and "game," do you mean exotic/specialty game meat such as zebra, rattlesnake, ostrich, etc? For exotic game meats, the one real game in town is savenors. You will see farmed ostrich around, buffalo, sometimes venison. For game birds, Mayflower has a few additional offerings (see below). Lionette's is another place for locally raised game birds. As noted, a Halal market is not the place to look for such things (although lamb, beef, goat, etc).