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Nov 11, 2008 08:32 PM

Question on Water Bath and Cheesecakes

I was wondering if anyone has tried putting there cheesecake pan inside of a silicone pan instead of wrapping it in foil when baking a cheescake in a water bath. The reason I am asking is because when I wrap the cheesecake pan with foil. It leaked.

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  1. Because the water bath equalizes the temperature of the pan in which the cheesecake is baked, it needs to make direct contact with the pan. Unless the silicone pan is a "glove" fit over the primary baking vessel I wouldn't risk it; unless of course I just wanted to try it and consumet the results, good or bad, myself. IMHO there are some things that don't work well cooking either directly or in concert with silicone pans and I think cheesecake is one of them.

    1. I'm not sure why you would want put your pan inside of silicone and then put it is a water bath. I am wondering if you ask this because your foil has leaked and your cake is soggy.

      You could possibly dispense with the springform and use a silicone pan for cheesecake because a cheesecake doesn't need to brown on the bottom and sides, and the stretchability of silicone would make depanning easier, especially if the bottom is lined with a parchment round.

      Ive never done this but I wonder if others have and I am very interested in hearing what the results were.

      1. I use two layers of reynolds wrap heavy duty aluminum foil, extra long and it doesn't leak. I'd give the silicone a try by itself, as Kelli suggested. You really don't need a springform pan.

        1. I have never cooked my cheesecakes in water baths, and they always come out perfectly. I put a crumb crust on the bottom and partly up the sides and I think that this acts as a kind of dam for the filling since I have never had a problem with leaking. I use the Katish's Cheesecake recipe from an old Gourmet magazine, and it is a classic cheesecake -- elemental with cream cheese and a bit of sour cream. Never needed the water bath, so maybe you could try a different cheesecake recipe and solve the whole problem!

          1. I do this everytime I make cheesecake and it works great. I use a removable bottom cheesecake pan instead of a springform, and it fits snuggly in the silicone pan. The silicone pan alone is terrible for making cheesecakes. It is next to impossible to remove the cake from the pan without making a big mess.