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Nov 11, 2008 08:27 PM

Sunday Mountain View Farmers Market - 'hounds finds?

Second time to the Mtn View Farmers Market. I didn't see everything, but some of the items that caught my eye this time:

jujube 2 lb $5/5 lb $10; $3/lb
golden raisins $4/lb or 2 for $7
fingerlings $2.50 bag
Acme breads - long lines
strange, alien looking cauliflower
orange cauliflower
Italian heirloom eggplant $2.5
Red Ace beets $1.75 bunch
Chioggia beets $1.75 bunch
large chestnuts $3 a bag or 4 bags for $11
corn 4 for $1
pomegranates $2 ea
Satsuma tangerines $2.5/lb
brussel sprouts $5/stalk
artichoke 2 for $3
Albion strawberries
My Jewel organic apples - Ruth bought
Saw grow your own Lemon Verbena from Cole Canyon Farm

I got some purple cauliflower $1.5/lb

Ruth & Melanie: How were the pickles that you both bought for $5/container? From the guy that sell the Peirogies.

What is not to miss for next time?

My pics:

Mountain View Farmers' Market
600 West Evelyn Avenue, Mountain View, CA

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  1. I tried the pickles tonight -- very good! These are half-sour pickles made the traditional way with brine but no vinegar. He said they were four days old when we bought them. I like mine a little more "done" so I waited until today to try one and thought they were just right.

    The satsuma mandarins I bought are also excellent. A couple of other vendors had them cheaper, but they didn't look as good, and this early in the season, it pays to be picky.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      I was finally reunited with my pickle purchase yesterday to try them. They're nearly full sours at this point, but still wonderful. The small pack was $6 and had 5 pickles in it. I like the bite of garlic and the fresh dill. Be sure to save the brine to marinate some carrot sticks (add a dried chili pod for some extra kick and let it steep for a few days).

      The producer is Dalex in San Carlos. The man said he sells at many FMs, including Moraga and San Jose.

      Here are the photos of the piroshky and peirogie menu.

      Here's a discussion from last year on Dalex that mentions some of the other products and markets.

      1062 Terminal Way, San Carlos, CA

    2. I believe the "strange, alien looking cauliflower" is Romanesco - I spend a lot more time looking at the fractal patterns than cooking and eating it :) Such a cool looking food!

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      1. re: estnet

        If it's a light green color with pointy florets, yes, it's romanesco. You probably got it at High Ground Organics, at the southeast corner of the market. Steve is a terrific grower who partners with Mariquita, who many of us know from the Ferry Building until a couple of years ago.

        1. re: maigre

          Southeast corner sounds right. Yeah, it was romanesco -- he also had purple and orange cauliflower. One thing we noted was that this market has a much higher proportion of Watsonville/Hollister growers compared to markets in the East Bay or in SF. Although there was some overlap with growers I'm familiar with, a good number was new to me. I liked the organic apple farmer I bought the "my jewel" apples from -- he had one of the better selections I've seen (he said the "my jewel" was hybridized by one of his neighbors, who died before he patented it, so it's only grown by the handful of neighbors he shared it with).

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            I noticed the Watsonville/Hollister connection when I first moved to Mountain View and made this market a weekly stop, too. Just proximity, I suppose. A fair number of these growers turn up at the other South Bay markets, too, though High Ground is only in MV and via CSA deliveries. I miss some of the growers I used to buy from at the Ferry Building. Those who sell down here tend to charge less in MV. Hamada, for example is probably a third cheaper in MV than at the Ferry Building. Kashiwase charges the same in both places, though I wasn't ever a huge fan of their peaches in SF, at least not compared to some of the other growers.

            Most of the apples are sold by two vendors and are organic. One's on the train tracks side and the other's right behind it on the Evelyn St. side. The latter sells at a bunch of markets and just started selling in MV. I buy from the train track side folks, partly out of loyalty and partly because I like them and their apples. I miss the heirloom varieties I used to get from DeVoto at the Ferry Building, though.

            The Mountain View market is great for vegetables and most fruits, though it has its weaknesses. There's no hot food because of an agreement with the Castro St. merchants who don't want the competition, limited as it may be on a Sunday morning. Once in awhile, I'll go to another nearby market, Sunnyvale, Cal Ave. in PA, Los Altos. They all have some things that MV doesn't, but overall, I prefer Mountain View.

      2. I bought taro and sunchokes from a Fresno farmer. Haven't had a chance to cook with them yet. Also purchased some pomegranate juice, $4 for a pint. This was more like other fresh pomegranate juices I've bought, and I didn't like it as well as the brighter and less astringent version I bought in Minkler, CA.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          There is someone at the Temescal Sunday market selling pomegranate juice. It was very intense, as I recall strong, but smooth. Strong enough to be cut with water if you wanted.

          1. re: chocolatetartguy

            That's a good idea. Probably would have enjoyed the juice more if I'd cut it with some sparkling water (or vodka!).

        2. I got some very good Asian pears from a stand at the end (farthest from Castro) that had a big spread of them. I'd been disappointed recently by ones I got at TJs, which were kind of bitter.

          1. Thanks for the farmers market report and photos! I was surprised to see corn this time of year, but I guess we're still getting the last of the tomatoes. The sunchokes look great...nice and fresh. The pale green, round veggie that you questioned in your photo is kohlrabi. It's quite nice sliced and stir-fried w/ ground pork, fish sauce, and lots of black pepper. Or it can be used in a brothy soup.

            Since I subscribe to Two Small Farms CSA, I have eaten much of High Ground's crops all year. The purple and yellow-orange cauliflower are fun. Their baby greens, little gems, and romaine are really good. Romaine lettuce can taste like water much of the time, but theirs has good flavor. This week we got a few pounds of apples (not sure of variety) from them so I'm excited to eat or cook w/ them. I'm sad that next week will be the last week of CSA, but I'm definitely signing up again next year!

            How was the chestnut picking at Skyline?

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              I posted on the chestnut picking on this thread, it's on the bottom w/ pics: