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Nov 11, 2008 08:04 PM

looking for a great couple's cooking class

hi there! i'm new to CHOW but it already seems like the perfect place to get to know - my boyfriend and i are big foodies and are always looking for new restaurants and places to try. we also both love to cook, so for his birthday in a few weekends i wanted to take him to a couple's cooking class. we had originally been looking at the cambridge culinary school, but their classes are all filled already. any recommendations for a fun cooking class? it could be at a school or restaurant outside of boston or right in the city, we wouldn't mind going wherever - and i can spend up to $200 for the both of us.

thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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  1. I am signed up for the Easy as Pie class, but I have been signed up for a couple of months now. These classes go fast, but there seem to be a few left.

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      Any other opinions on Helen's Kitchen classes? Sounds like fun.

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        I've found Helen's classes to be great (I've gone to the raw fish class and the pasta making class). Always a great mix of people, in a comfortable home environment, and Helen is a very knowledgable (and accessible) teacher. Usually only about 8 people to a class, if I remember correctly.

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        I went to Helen's class yesterday and thought I would report back.

        There were 8 of us at the class, mostly women but there was a couple in our group.
        All very nice people, and Helen is warm and a gracious teacher. She uses local ingredients from farmer's markets and promotes doing so. Her kitchen is small, with
        a very rustic feel to it. No machinery, except of course a KA stand mixer, for our class. We did "Easy as Pie", which isn't so easy, but her method is impecable.

        We ate our tarts and pies, which were:

        Cherry tomato, guyere & carmelized onion tart (excellent)
        Blue cheese, carmelized shallot, Roasted beets, arugala & walnut (OUT of this World)
        Pear Tatin (easy and exceptional)
        Apple-cranberry galette (very good)

        I am giving this class a big thumbs up, and will return to class in the Spring for "One Fish, two Fish", where Helen promises to make me a Blue fish lover... oy vey!

      3. Try the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. If Walter Rhee has a class, take it!

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          Actually, the CCAE has a whole series of couples cooking classes. We took one and it was surprisingly fun, especially for my husband who does not cook. Ever.

        2. This is OT for the Boston board, but for a great weekend, you can stay at the Inn at Essex, near Burlington, VT, which is run by the New England Culinary Institute, and take one or more of their classes.

          Information at

          1. Just for the record, my fiancee and I attended a couples cooking class at Cambridge Culinary Institute (Topic: French) and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, so if you're able to wait, they have quite a few offerings each season. Incidentally, the tapas class in an adjacent kitchen was packed but our French class had only three couples, so it was quite manageable.

            1. Elephant Walk has some very nice cooking classes ( most held in Cambridge ), the winter schedule should be up any day on their website. One word of caution: the classes usually fill up very quickly. If there's something that looks good - don't hesitate, sign up ASAP !