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Nov 11, 2008 07:41 PM

Screen Door (dfw): great idea that falls down

Great concept: upscale home cookin with a twist. Too bad the presentation sucks. The menu looks great. Many old time favorites like fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, etc. But "looks great" is a long way from "tastes great" (or good for that matter.) Service was horrid, from being seated in between a table of 12 and 2 tables of 6 despite the other 1/2 of the palce being mostly empty, to having the waitress disappear. The bread was dry and was only offered after we asked for some after seeing other tables with it.

1 soup, 1 appitizer, 1 fried chicken, and 1 dessert was 80 bucks. The portions were small, in part because the chicken was boney and had a lot of fat. I left hungry and wont be going back.

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  1. I have read several negative reviews and assumed it was because of the high expectations surrounding the pre-opening buzz. I also assumed that the negative reviews were wrong because it is still hard to get a reservation.

    My assumptions were wrong. I ate there this week and was very disappointed. Don't be mistaken, the food is good, but it is nowhere near where it should be for the price.

    The shrimp and grits, a claimed specialty, was bland. The fried chicken was a notch above KFC. It is nowhere near as good as Fearing's Sunday Bruch fried chicken. The breads that came with dinner were also good, but not nearly as flavorful as the identical bread basket that you get at Pyles. I am a huge dessert fan and had the Moon Pie, a bad rip off of Pappas Bros Moon Pie. It was bad not only because it was a rip off, but also because it is poorly executed. The marshmellow tasted as if it came out of a jar.

    I am generally a very lenient reviewer and have given positive reviews to restaurants like Screen Door that have so-so food. But, what turned my view of Screen Door from fair to poor was the service. The waitors were pushy (e.g., opening a second bottle of wine without requesting a second bottle) and the rush to take your plate before you were done became quickly annoying.

    I hope it can turn itself around in a competitive market. For me, I won't be going back until I hear that the food and service have improved.