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Nov 11, 2008 06:45 PM

Nantucket bay scallops

I was at a Whole Foods and looks like those precious morsels are available at $30 lb.

Anyone know of a good recipe from some local place that I should try to recreate.

I'm looking for any great nantucket bay scallop recipe.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Yes..I am also thinking about making Nantucket/Peconic Bay scallops.....easy and good recipe for seared scallops, anyone? With pimenton? Lemon and butter?

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. indeed they are precious gems, and i never like them gussied up. stop thinking recipe and think cooking technique. a quick sear on each side, less than a minute, butter, lemon, caviar or sea urchin on top, salt/pepper. that's it.

          in fact my favorite way to eat them is raw, sliced thin like sashimi. how far away are you from new england? how many days have they already been out of the water? if more than 2, i'd pass on that steep price tag, honestly.

          1. When you can get these scallops, you don't really want to add much to the dish. A little butter, some lemon juice or white wine/vermouth, a little tarragon or thyme...deglaze with these after quick saute and pour everything over some mesculin greens. Or just eat like candy. Look around, I've seen them for under $20 this year, at least the Peconics on Long Island, supposedly there is an abundance for the first time in many years.