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Nov 11, 2008 06:16 PM

Desperately seeking dried Polish mushrooms

I'm probably breaking some rule by posting this request on a number of boards but as the title says, I'm desperate! My mother has been making barley & mushroom soup for Thanksgiving dinner for probably more than 50 years & this is the first year she can't find dried Polish mushrooms, which she insists must be on a string. Anyone know where we can find them, preferably in Manhattan or northern NJ? But if we have to go further, we will!

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  1. absolutely ANYWHERE in Greenpoint, just take the G to greenpoint ave there are a number of specialy shops up and down manhattan ave, FYI many are cash only

    1. New Jersey has an area known as Poland on the Passaic(River). The towns it consists of are:


      There are many food places along the River Drive Route easily accessible off Interstate Route 80 if you are coming off of the GWB or State Highway Route 3/21 if you are coming from the Lincoln Tunnel.

      For shopping, there is a place called Piast Provisions. They have the largest market shopping for Polish goods that I know of...and they have a great prepared foods counter where everything is around $6.00 for a Meat, Potatoes and Vegetable meal. The delicatessen and butcher are also outstanding. I like to think of it as a Palace for Pork.

      There is also another place in Garfield, not far from Piast called the Golden Eagle on Lanza Avenue. The place is not as nice as Piast , but my Polish friends tell me they like the prepared foods better there, however I cannot agree with them on that view. Golden Eagle also has a grocery shopping available as well, albeit much smaller.

      After your shopping, you can stop at The Royal Warsaw Restaurant in Elmwood Park for a very pleasant and reasonable meal in a clean/smart environment. I recommend the Steak Tartare.

      1. Definitely try Pulaski's Meat Market on Wood Ave. in the Polish section of Linden, NJ. They have a nice assortment of Polish groceries and I'm certain I've seen the dried mushrooms on a string there before.

        1. A very belated thank-you for the leads on where to find Polish mushrooms. We didn't find them before Thanksgiving. A few places we contacted told us, "They're on the boat." But my mom has found them since.