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Nov 11, 2008 05:52 PM

25th birthday dinner

So my friend's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I'd like to take him for a really nice dinner. The only thing is, he's a chef, and I also work in the hospitality industry so we're very picky about where we eat, and I want this to be as ideal a dinner as possible.

Obviously, I want somewhere where the food is fantastic first, but also somewhere where service corresponds with price, and where service staff has adequate knowledge of the wine list. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money, but it's a birthday dinner, so it's got to be nice.

He's really into Canadian cuisine, and game especially I think so I was thinking of the following places, but was wondering what would be the best option or if there is something I haven't thought of?

Amuse Bouche
Niagara St. Cafe
Nota Bene (neither of us has been yet)
Cowbell (i heard service was bad, but maybe it's gotten better?)
Lucien (i think both of us have a chef crush on Scot Woods)

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Canoe, but its costly.. also maybe La Palette on Augusta? They always have a bunch of interesting meats

    1. I had easily the best meal of my life at Lucien and they currently have Ontario Deer as one of the mains also his Charcuterie plate is friggin awesome and should defintely be ordered.

      1. For a superb room and ambience and consistently good food One at the Hazelton Hotel is pretty great. Quince up on Yonge south of Eg recently made a superb lunch that I scarfed back, and I'm a chef too, so it takes a lot to make me clean my plate. But I'd take your friend to Kaiseki Sakura for authentic Japanese imperial court cuisine, no sushi, no sashimi, but an 8 course tasting menu with delish cocktails and shochu that will blow you away. It's so good I took pictures of the food with my phone! And still have them, two years later. And it's not expensive!

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          She said she did not want to spend a ton of money so One is definately out,,,,

        2. nota bene is a fun place to go with attentive service and delicious food. i took my BF there for his 25th bday and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. not too expensive (~$150 for two of us w/o wine). there are a few very detailed reviews on this resto here on CH if you are interested.

          1. I was at Cowbell earlier this week. The waiter that seated us was a total dick, but the waitress that actually served us was fantastic.