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Nov 11, 2008 05:39 PM

Hubers in Portland

While searching this board I found posting for Hubers in Portland. It sounds like a great place for hot turkey sandwiches etc for lunch. Very old fashioned place. Any comments from those who have eaten there in the last year or so?

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  1. Been Many, Many Many years....but.....flaiming spanish coffees !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Great for a spanish coffee and an old scool room. As far as food? Seriously needs to step into the new century. People know better.

      1. Hubers IS a great place for turkey. Yes, yes, they are known for their Spanish Coffees, but they do a rock solid turkey "whatever" and you will be very pleased. I could easily eat there every night, plenty of food, consistent, good. No, you won't find truffles, but you will find a total knock out turkey pleasure that has been refined by decades and decades and decades. Lunch or dinner, can't go wrong. Sure, order the Spanish Coffee, but that's the frill. It's the turkey, silly. And they do it well.

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          Thank you very much for your comments...sounds perfect. I love all types of food...and rarely find these old fashioned...but good places anymore. I will enjoy trying their restaurant this weekend. thanks!

        2. ditto on the spanish for the turkey. total MEH. of the half dozen or so times that I have sampled the offerings, I have never once thought to myself that it was good. Passable maybe, but not good. a decent deli will have 100% better roast turkey. But again, the spanish coffees are killer and its really neat if you go with a group and watch them make all your drinks at the same time, tableside!