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Nov 11, 2008 05:29 PM

birthday dinner $150 per couple

Looking for a quiet downtown (from grammercy or chelsea to village and soho) with great food for 3 NYC couples to celebrate a birthday.

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  1. All of the downtown on the weekends are pretty loud but try one of these charming upscale places:
    La Ripaille
    French, Bistro
    605 Hudson St, New York 10014
    At W 12th St
    Phone: 212-255-4406
    Arte Restaurant
    21 E 9th St, New York 10003
    Btwn 5th Ave & University Pl
    Phone: 212-473-0077
    Cafe Loup
    105 W 13th St, New York 10011
    At 6th Ave
    Phone: 212-255-4746

    Happy Birthday!

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    1. re: chocolatebirthdaycake

      We love - il Buco
      I just read some negative posts here about it being this and that - but our experience is that it's warm and beautiful and the food is great.

      Happy B'day!

      Il Buco
      47 Bond St., New York, NY 10012

      1. re: chocolatebirthdaycake

        Cafe Loup is "upscale"?! We had dinner there once and aside from it being far from upscale, the food was mediocre.

      2. we just had a terrific time and meal at Scarpetto on 14th - but it might be a little loud. Del Posto? Last time I went there (for my birthday), we had Lidia Bastianich whipping up and serving our zabaglione - a memorable meal......

        1. You can try Le Gigot in WV (small cozy French restaurant), or Giorgio's of Gramercy (New American and Italian, more causal). Both places are very civilized without loud crowds. You will do well with $150 per couple.