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Nov 11, 2008 05:16 PM

This Friday night - Mexican for a group

Reunion in NYC with the girls this weekend and looking for good Mexican (it doesn't exist in Toronto). Problem is finding a place that can take a crowd - 6 girls - and can suit those on somewhat of a budget (the Aussie peso has taken a bit of a hit).

Have been recommended Mexicana Mamas or Rosa Mexicana? Thoughts or other suggestions please??? Some are staying in Brooklyn and others are staying south Central Park on 6th Ave so location would be anywhere south of midtown.


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  1. El Cantinero on University Place near Union Square. It's festive, delish, wildly decorated and cheap and F-U-N! Make a reservation - you and your friends will have fun. The wait staff is SUPER! Authentic and fun and the best old school Spanish music!!!

    El Cantinero
    86 University Pl, New York 10003
    Btwn 11th & 12th St
    Phone: 212-255-9378

    1. my opinion, Rosa mexicana isnt worth the $$...Mama mexico is always fun...mariachi. 49th and third

      Maryanne's was always a fav of mine as well

      1. although i am a fan of el cantinero i think you might want something a little nicer. mexicana mama is good but can get loud bc of mariachi guys, although they are a fun treat. stay away from dos caminos or rosas. if you can get it what about la esquina. there is also agave, mexican radio or suenos.

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          Mole on the LES (just off Houston) right near the F train, which is convenient. I really like the fish tacos there.

        2. I have been to Rosa Mexicana a few times and I am always very disappointed! So not worth the money and to be honest I always felt the food was haphazard (that's not even mentioning the bad tuna I was served there).

          What about Las Palapas? I found it’s pretty solid and has locations in both West and East Village. Also makes great types of margaritas.

          Also by W. 4th subway stop is a place called Agave. Ate there once awhile ago thought it was good.

          If you need to do a chain I think Dos Caminos is a much better bet then Rosa.

          1. Rosa is actually on the expensive side. I would recommend Zarela as I have done numerous group dinners ther but its on 50th and 2nd. Another inexpensive option is Paladar on the LES. They also cater to groups.