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Nov 11, 2008 04:10 PM

New Mexico Style Mexican food

I live in Irvine and somehwere in Orange County there has to be a New Mexico Style Mexican restaurant. I need the Green and Red Chili does anyone know of one?

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  1. sigh. nope. first person who opens one will be a millionaire inside of a year.

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      Wrong, sad to say, green chile breath. The last cerdible NM style Mexican to open in OC that didn't suck like Anita's was Chuy's in Tustin, in late 90s. Moderately priced, comfortable digs, with excellent chow -- green chile stew, stacked blue corn sour cream chicken enchiladas, sopapillas and the works -- and even an authentic green chile roaster working overtime on the patio! Out of business in less than a year. So much for appreciation of New Mexican chow by our locals.

    2. In Fullerton give Anita's a try. As close as you are going to come out here:

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        For some reason the link didn't work the first time so I'll give it another go here.

        600 S Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832

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          Have you had their Red or Green Chili? The menu looks legit...

          1. re: irishkevbo

            Sorry, I haven't. There have been mixed reports on Anita's on the LA board over the years. If you go please do post your findings.

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              i'm pretty much a native new mexican and i've eaten at anita's. if you are absolutely, positively desperate, it could possibly pass. but not really. they do serve sopaipillas that are closer than their chile. a better alternative is to go to albertson's and pick up a container of the frozen red or green that they carry. it's much better stuff, even if you just eat it plain (or on cheese enchiladas).

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          Agree...there is Anita's...only if you are desperate! Mrs TravelPath and I travel to NM several times a year to satisfy our cravings...and I have learned to prepare a couple of dishes that are really "close" to authentic. You can also get frozen Bueno brand foods(from ABQ) at some Albertsons, which I think taste better than our local Anita's!...and mail order can be your friend here...a number of NM companies will ship frozen green chile and green chile stew, as well as carne adovada...and its not too bad!

        3. I agree with the assessment about Anita's. The food was not that great, on three different meals there, and the service was indifferent at best. We won't go back.

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