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Nov 11, 2008 03:44 PM

Thanksgiving Reds

All right folks. . .what should we be drinking with turkey. Red wines only please. Any recommendations?

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  1. First of all, there is no "should." However, I find the following wines to my personal liking.

    1) From France, a Cru de Beaujolais -- especially from Brouilly, Cotes de Brouilly, Fleurie, Morgan, or Moulin-a-Vent.

    2) From California, a Pinot Noir or Zinfandel . . . maybe a California Rhone-styled red.


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    1. re: zin1953

      I was going to add some suggestions, but looking above, I see no reason to do so...

      Teach me to be late for the party,


      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Party's not till next Thursday!

        Yes, Jason covered things perfectly.

        I love to start with Bubbly, though -- popping the Krug at noon is the rule! -- and find Riesling and some Chardonnays are also good accompaniments on the table. The point for me, for us, for the table, is that glasses are freely filled and emptied, and many toasts and thanks ensue. Expensive or ponderous wines don't work well.

        Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year.


        1. re: maria lorraine

          heheheh I like your style, Maria! I'm cooking this year, so the Champagne will be popped around noon.

          We'll start our meal with Cava and my "famous" Montrachet Tarts.

          My neighbor has ordered 6 bottles of BN... not my choice, but she's paying, and also making all the vege dishes. I'm contributing 3 bottles of Alsatian Riesling, for those who prefer wine (oops, I meant white). [My personal preference in Red is for Marietta Cellars Old Vine Red. imho goes great with the meal and is SO American and still not too pricy.]

          We'll open a couple bottles of local Apple Ice Wine to go with or instead of dessert.

      1. Cru Beaujolais, Barbera, Pinot would be my three first suggestions.

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        1. re: whiner

          Yup. Beaujolais is probably the best all-around red.

        2. I like zinfandel (not pink), syrah and petit sirah for Thanksgiving.

          1. Probably going with a Cass grenache or Mouvedre.....