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Nov 11, 2008 03:33 PM

Piedmont- Neive

Anyone know of la contea or Villa Lauri in Neive?

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  1. I ate at La Contea about 12 years ago. As I recall, the food was very good, but the presentation was a bit over the top. I have no idea what it is like now.

    1. Villa Lauri is only a hotel (3 star), isn't it? So are you asking for information about accomodations or food?

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        Both, or either, which ever anyone knows about. Interested in eating at each place and also staying.

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          Are you set on staying in Neive? If so, could you explain your reasons for choosing that village? I am planning a trip to the region and am finding it difficult to decide on a base..

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            Neive is tiny. Alba is the town for the Langhe region that has the little necessities like drug stores, gas stations, grocery stores, clothes stores, wine shops, etc. There are wonderful places to stay and eat tucked all over the Langhe around the various villages. For instance, you could stay at Villa Beccaris near Monforte d’Alba which was recommended to us, and drive down to Alba. Five stars are a little much for us, so we have stayed at various accomodations (3 or 4 stars) on the outskirts of La Morra, Cherasco, Asti, Alba and so forth. These have easy parking and are convenient for access to the city centers or the countryside.

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              Excellent! Do you have a recommendation that would be as you describe with easy access of Alba--(Villa Favorita is one place I am looking at)..3-4 stars is fine.. Do you mind letting us know where you have stayed? Any places with restaurants near or on-site? Thanks so much!

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                We were planning on staying 2 nights in Barolo and then maybe 2 nights in the Neive area. Do you think we are better off just staying in 1 location the entire time. Is everything really close together?

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                  Barolo is about 12 km south of Alba, while Neive is about 12 km east of Alba. Barolo is more central in the Langhe district. Neive is the eastern edge of the Langhe but offers good access to the Asti district if you are going to explore there. IMO, there is nothing finer than a picnic with a cold bottle of Moscato d'Asti.

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                  I have often passed Villa La Favorita on my way to Barbaresco. It is slightly uphill and a little out of town. The view to the west across town with the remaining towers, while watching the sun set over the Cottian Alps, can be stunning. I have read many good things about it and would like to stay there sometime. If you try their Nebbiolo or Grignolino wines, I hope you report back. Grignolino is very nice with fresh tomatoes, which I have done with fresh bread and cold cuts for a fine picnic.

                  Specific hotel recommendations are tough because so many are closed at different times. If you e-mail the tourist office, Tu Langhe Roero, they can send you the booklets on hospitality that list most all the choices with pictures, dates and prices. If you call, they speak English and can suggest options.

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                    Villa Favorita anytime. Right next to Ferrero's house ( the owner of the chocolate factory ).
                    Roberta is a great host!

          2. I'm not familiar with either of those establishments but I had an outstanding meal at La Luna Nel Pozzo Nel Pozzo on Saturday, November 15. I went last year and liked it enough to return. I started with a rabbit dish and then had a tajarin in a meat sauce and quail stuffed with foie gras. Everything was very good and the tajarin (made in the kitchen) was the best I had on this trip. My tablemates had a soft boiled egg with white truffles, bollito misto, polenta with sausage and porcini and a number of other dishes. Everything was at least very good. The room is charming, service attentive and the wine list had some exceptional bargains. It was my last meal at a restaurant in Italy (we cooked dinner at home) and it was really memorable. If you need to find a restaurant in Neive, I would highly recommend La Luna Nel Pozzo. .

            1. We have eaten at La Contea several times over the past few years. Generally, this is an excellent restaurant but has always seemed to be "overtaken" by non-Italians. They have a highly regarded cooking school. The house wine (Barbaresco) was unforgettable. Piedmont has so many fantastic places to eat we generally don't return to La Contea. Check out the San Marco in Canelli...perhaps the best restaurant in all of Italy.

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                Thanks, Daiseki. Would you care to give a list of some f your other favorites in the surrounding areas?

                Thanks again!