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Nov 11, 2008 03:25 PM

Manhattan Beach / Highland Ave.

I'm planning to head out to Manhattan Beach in a couple days to get dinner/drinks with some friends over there. Do you have any suggestions in the area, around Highland Ave.? Thanks.

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  1. i had dinner at sashi a couple of weeks ago and it was fun...definitely worth a try

    1. Agree that Sashi has a fun, loungey feel. Food was good, and presentation was very nice, but somewhat expensive. Another good option for dinner/drinks is Rock N Fish.

      1. Manhattan Beach is a culinary wasteland, for the most part. But I think the Greek restaurant, Petros, is a very nice option. You can sit inside or outside and the food is generally pretty good. I like their grilled octopus. After dinner, you'll be walking distance to a bunch of bars and MB does much better with bars than anything else.

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          Head 5 min. south to Hermosa Beach and have dinner at Mediterranio. They have a great Tapas menu and large outdoor dining area. It is down at pier plaza, lots of action and people watching.

          73 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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            Petros is the best restaurant in Manhattan Beach.

          2. I was surprised to find a tasty happy hour at Towne. Small plated of foods off thier regular menu. I took the menu to remind me to go back. ceasr salad ($4), today's soup (4), tuna tartar w/ toast (6), local cheeses w/ toast(6), charcuterie plate (7), lettuce cups w/ shrimp and shitake mushrooms (6), pumpkin ravioli w/ sage and crem sauce (5), garbanzo bean hummus w/ pita (4), crispy calamari w/ thai ketchup (7), bbq short rib sandwich w/ truffle fries (8). $1 off draft beers & wines by the glass $7 daily cocktail

            It seemed like some pretty good grub for the price. I had the pumpkin raviolis and a glass of wine (Cline viognier). Definately worth the $11. The ceasars looked good, and pretty big. The tuna tartar was really large as well. The soup was some kind of creamy corn. But the only thing I tried was the raviolis.

            I don't think that MB is really too much of a culinary wasteland. I enjoyed Towne for this happy hour menu. I had a great meal at Talia's. Cafe Pierre is very consistent. Petro's is good. Sashi has some great food, but as mentioned, is expensive. I also really enjoy Katsu at the corner of Highland and Rosecrans is really good. Get to know Katsu-san, and he has some increadibly fresh and interesting options. If you're meeting friends you could always go across the street after to hear a fun cover band at Poncho's.

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              I agree that Manhattan Beach does offer some good food, but I have to say, Katsu is the worst sushi experience I've had in greater L.A. The sushi was okay, not great. I mean, there was nothing wrong with it, but every other sushi place I've tried over the last couple of years has been better (although we only go to recommended places...we've had a lot of great sushi). When we were there, it was packed with screaming college students (I think it was happy hour, everyone was drinking a lot). It was literally the noisiest restaurant I have ever been in...we left with headaches. I'm sure there must be less noisy times to go, but the fish wasn't worth going back for. If you really want sushi in that immediate area, you are better off at Sashi, Taiko, or even Kai for take-out (in order of descending expense). Or go inland to torrance or gardena and it's a whole new world of sushi goodness.

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                Sorry to hear about the bad experience. I know I get a little spoiled by Katsu since I've know him for a while. I usually go for lunch, and get special treatment. That is a hard thing to deal with at sushi bars. Until you know the chef, you may not get what's best. Although it couldn't be good for business to operate that way.

                I agree about Sashi - saba and aji were top quality - but the prices!! I've had an only okay experience at Taiko. I will have to try Kai again (had take-out about 2 years ago- very good). Anywhere in Gardena you reccomend? I usually hit Gardena for other types of Japanese. I like Katsu b/c it's a quick stop since I drive by there all the time. But we're on to another post topic, aren't we?

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                  Yes, Sashi was excellent, but it's too expensive to be my regular sushi place. Taiko is good, but not great, and prices are reasonable but not great (although the prices are higher and quality is lower compared to the brentwood location) if you are getting spoiled at Katsu it probably isn't worth your while. I rarely eat there myself, that's just if you aren't willing to leave that immediate area. I have to admit that I get take-out from Kai every week. If you like spicy food, try the hot night roll--it is my favorite. But keep in mind that they specialize in heavily sauced rolls, not authentic sushi...all the same, I love it, and it's inexpensive so I can afford to get it all the time. I also usually get one or two orders of isn't amazing, but it's fresh, with large pieces of fish. In Gardena, I really like Kanpachi for authentic nigiri. Excellent quality, and very reasonably priced.

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                    Thanks! I've been meaning to try Kanpachi.

            2. A good choice in my opion is Chef Melbas in Hermosa Beach. Much better than you can get in MB and its just a short ride away.. Nice presentation and a good corkage policy too if thats your thing.. Its not a cocktail kind of place..

              Chef Melba's Bistro
              1501 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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                There are few solid options in the SB beach cities. I live in this culinary wasteland. Melba's is great. Very good fresh fish and seafood, good pastas, something to satisfy everyone. Open kitchen and charming Chef Melba make it fun! Our home away from home!