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Nov 11, 2008 03:10 PM

My very quick clam chowder

I love clam chowder as you can imagine from the screename (I just love fried clams more!)

It's hard to find good chowder around here, and purists might berate me for the following.

Yes, I do make it from "scratch", but there are times I just want a quick bit of "comfort", perhaps with a green salad and some bread.

So tonight's menu:

One can of commercial Clam Chowder ( I like Progresso or Snow's). To it I add:
one can (6.5oz) of chopped clams, with most of the liquid drained (I leave a tsp or so because commercial chowder is too thick for me), 3 pieces of bacon microwaved and chopped, and a tsp of minced onion. I've been known to add a scant amount of garlic or substitute a spicy sausage for the bacon. I've also added some shredded cheese in the past, but you need to watch that it doesn't overpower the flavor. Heat just until almost boiling.

It all goes into a wide bowl that had a pat of butter (about a tsp) and then topped off with paparika. can serve 2

Of course, this is New England type Chowder. Manhattan to me is nothing more than tomato soup with a weird kick. I have had Rhode Island style (Chicken broth and veggies added) which is also good, but must be made from scratch.

Some rolls, some butter, some salad..........delightful!

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  1. My husband and I like to do the same thing for a quick dinner on a work night.

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    1. re: PurpleTeeth

      Snap! We had chowder for dinner tonight. We use Campbell's (I know!) Healthy Select with a can of minced clams. We add a smidgen of thyme and fresh chopped parsley as well as a bit of tabasco and pepper. My husband used to add a bit of wine but has decided (about time) that it adds an unpleasant tang.

      1. re: Densible

        The thyme is interesting! And I love hot sauces, but I have to be careful that it doesn't overpower the chowder. And while I love wine (in glass or in recipe) I'm not sure about that one. I add marsala to many recipes these days and it has become my staple beyond wine and Sherry.

    2. >Manhattan to me is nothing more than tomato soup with a weird kick

      Have you had anything besides canned red chowder? The canned stuff is horrible.

      Nothing like a well made Manhattan clam chowder imo. Yummmmm...

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      1. re: LStaff

        Alas, Lstaff, I grew up on Cape Cod. I have had "red chowder" about 5-10 times in my 58 years, mainly because it was at someone's house. It is, of course, one of the great culinary debates (like a good Philly cheesesteak). What we had as children we tend to fall back on. I know it's there, but I never would order it.

        1. re: FriedClamFanatic

          You know what's really good in NE style chowder? Dots of Tabasco green sauce on the furface of the soup. You won't believe how good it is till you taste it!

      2. My recipe is one can Campbell's cream of Potato, one half can cream of celery, one can Geisha Baby Clams. Chop some celery and maybe some onion or carrot and saute, then add the clams (reserve juices) saute a minute or two. The add the soups and the same amount of milk/cream. Then add the clam juice too. Heat and enjoy.

        It's not from scratch but people do think it quite tasty. And it only takes me 15 minutes. Oh and I've also added bacon to this dish too.

        1. fried,
          Sounds really good to me:)

          1. Why, when a true NECC from scratch takes really not that much time to make.