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Nov 11, 2008 01:51 PM

Olive garden did right

This past weekend, I order take out from because I wanted to try thier new soup...Chicken and gnocchi. I also had a pasta dish which was fair (and that is what my expections was going into it). I love soup so I was excited to try the new soup. When I got home and and there was the tiniest bits of chicken and only one lonely piece of gnocchi. So I wrote OG via their website and they are sending me a gift card. Hopefully I get more than 1 gnocchi in my next soup.

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  1. Awesome! I had a problem once with the chicken fettuccini that I could not work out with the manager. I emailed O.G. and got coupons too. And that was awhile ago. And yes I did take the time and gas to drive to another Olive Garden location to use the coupons. Heh.

    1. I emailed OG once after a bad experience, and they sent me the gift card. They asked to follow-up, and of course the follow-up meal was awful (45 minute wait for table with a half empty restaurant, 45 minute wait for food, then pizza comes out with stretchy undercoooked dough and the rest super cold, etc.), so I told them. They sent another with a note saying (and I quote spelling and all) "We are gunna do better" Then the next visit was terrible, they offer another gift card - and I told them no. This particular OG is the worst, I have had OK food at others, but I haven't been there in years due to a child with food allergies.

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        Perhaps I'm confused, but are you saying if it wasn't for your child's food allergies you continue to go back?

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        1. I love how the solution to a disappointing meal is a free disappointing meal.

        2. OG's chicken gnocchi soup is very tasty. It is true that the number of gnocchi and pieces of chicken varies from bowl to bowl. My daughters and their friends eat it, and keep count and the gnocchi count can be anywhere from 1 to almost 15.

          The portion is unlimited, so if you get a few bowls, at least one of them will have at least 7 gnocchi.

          Personally I think the broth is the best part.