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Nov 11, 2008 01:08 PM

Need a romantic dinner recommendation in DC Metro or Bethesda.

I am looking for a nice restaurant for a romantic dinner for two. Ideally, a place that you wouldn't bring kids. Price is not a concern, just looking for a great meal and a romantic setting. Open to all cuisines. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Can you narrow down your location, price, etc. a bit? What do you look for in a romantic restaurant? Matisse is a beautiful spot, but it's not dark and private. Buck's is dark, but not so private and the service can ruin a mood. A little more information would help!

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      Hi katecm,

      Price: $100 - $150 for 2
      Location: Bethsda, Rockville, Gaithersburg area
      Ambience: Quiet enough to hold a conversation, low lighting.

      But if's worth going beyond this... I'm ready for the drive and the adventure. Thanks!

      1. re: travelames

        LaMiche in Bethesda is really old world, romantic and really good service and food. You could have wine at Grapeseed first and then walk around the corner to LaMiche.
        If you are willing to go into the city, there is no more romantic place than 1789 and the food & service match the atmosphere. Jacket required.

    2. Grapeseed in Bethesda is a nice romantic place.; not too big, fantastic wine selection, great service, great food with an ever changing menu

      1. Try Al Tiramisu at P & 21st N.W. near Dupont. It's a small restaurant but the food is delicious! Def. try to get the Risotto (even if it is to share as the first course). It's comparable to ones I have had in Rome, Italy.

        1. If price is not a concern, I would suggest Marcel's in Foggy Bottom -- excellent food, quiet, romantic ambiance, very professional service.

          Grapeseed in Bethesda could be a good choice, but be sure to ask for a booth in the back. The front room is very boisterous and not particularly romantic.

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            Addie's in Rockville has small, private-ish rooms that are quiet and quaint.

          2. Oh... so many choices! It really depends on what you mean by romantic... do you like old world and a little stuffy or modern and sexy? What age group would you like to be around?

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              I ditto the suggestion for Marcel's. Sometime ago I posted a report on an anniversary dinner there. In Bethesda, Black's is adult, low lighting, can start off with oysters, but seems to cater more to parties of 4 than romantic two's.