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Nov 11, 2008 12:31 PM

restaurants in essex ct area

will be in essex area on weekend of 11/14, any restaurants for a serious food couple in the restauant business from nyc, open to all suggestions, hi and lo.

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  1. I can't personally vouch for it but a place called Bistro du Glace in Deep River has had good reviews on here. If you guys are winos you might want to try a couple of local wineries ( Priam in Colchester is very good and not too far from Essex.

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      There is a place called the Griswold Inn Which has been around a long time in Essex See Web Site( Can not give you a personal opinion but maybe some of our Chowhounds from that area can give us some input into that place. Also I found another one for you Called Oliver's Restaurant and Tavern, Re. web site ( Hope these help. I took a quick look at the menu for Oliver's , it seemed a little on the moderate price list for burgers and sandwiches , But the choice is up to you. Good luck;;;;;;; Earle Ct.


      Here's a fairly recent thread on it, which includes a couple of mentions of other local places.

      1. hmmm, serious food couple, that does make it a bit intimidating.
        I second the river tavern in chester, J. rapp is seriously committed to local ingredients and does work hard.
        I have a soft spot for Lupo in Chester. unpromising location, but modern, clean dining room and bar, decent small plates, quite a bit worth while.
        The Gris, or Griswold Inn in Essex has a great tap room with an funny, old WASPY crowd mixed with boaters, and tourists, NOT a great dining exp. but a fun place for a drink and some funky, fun music.

        I am going to add The whistlestop Cafe in Deep River for breakfast, not fancy, but great, Heddy and crowd make some amazing omelets and you might get lucky enough to have still warm jam or jelly on the table. Tiny place, sometimes a wait, The Cannes Omelet with shallots and goat cheese is a personal favorite.

        I have not been to Cafe Routier since they moved to westbrook, but in their old location they were fun, funky french. Not stuffy. worth a try.

        Olivers has not been worth eating at in 10 years.

        The Copperbeech is getting really great reviews for their more casual dining room.

        Restaurant du village in Chester is also good French and the town is charming.

        Liv's was mentioned already, might be worth a try.

        1. For a high end dining experience in Essex or nearby communities go with (in no order):
          Restaurant du Glace, Deep River
          Copper Beech Inn (either room), Essex (Centerbrook)
          Cafe Routier, Westbrook
          Pazzo, Westbrook
          Gabrielle’s, Essex (Centerbrook)
          Liv’s Oyster Bar, Old Saybrook
          Jack’s Saybrook Steakhouse, Old Saybrook.

          For an interesting meal, not necessarily high end, try:
          Griswold Inn (esp. wine bar or Sunday Hunt Breakfast), Essex
          Black Seal Tavern, Essex
          Taste of China, Clinton

          Several possibles in Chester, Old Lyme, etc, but farther away.

          And finally, if you are around for Sunday Brunch, the classiest one is:
          Water’s Edge Resort Restaurant, Westbrook

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            thanks all, look forward to following your advice. heard something about brasserie pip, any opinions?

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              forget the last post just saw that this is same as copper beech, thanks anyway!