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Nov 11, 2008 12:00 PM

I need my fresh mozzarella

Does anyone have any info on when A & S Pork store will reopen in their new space. I went back a month looking for any posts. Thanks.

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  1. don't have info on a&s pork store reopening but for the best creamiest, fresh mozzarella around try Lioni Latticini at 78th st & 15th ave or Frank & Sal's salumeria on 80th st & 18th ave.

    1. Woah! Where are they reopening?

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      1. re: JFores

        I think it will be on Fifth Ave., between 1st and 2nd Streets (where Pure Energy martial arts school used to be).

      2. somewhat closer to you, Caputo's on Court Street has great mozzarella (and scamorza)

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        1. re: eeee

          Lioni blows all those others away.

          1. re: eeee

            I love Caputo's for just about everything except their mozzarella. I find it to be rubbery.

          2. Not sure when it will re-open. I walked by there on Monday, and they were still fixing the place up. It does have a slightly new name though--it's now M&S Prime Meats.

            I do miss their mozzarella. I can't find anything else good in the neighborhood.

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            1. re: aravenel

              Whenever I think fresh mozzarella, I think of Tony's Beechhurst Deli. Just thought I'd share.

              1. re: aravenel

                M & S Prime Meats is open now. The place is much bigger, so it looks a little empty inside. (I miss the jam-packed charm of the old location.) BUT the food seems to be as good as ever. I had to buy some prosciutto, roasted red peppers, marinated artichokes for an antipasto today, and they were all fine. Alas, by the time I went at 4:00 p.m., they had sold out of fresh mozzarella.

              2. Related, I used to buy fresh lasagna pasta sheets, fresh ricotta, and fresh mozzarella from Fratelli. Can anyone direct me somewhere nearby to get similar things? I don't have a car, so it has to be local. Thanks!