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Nov 11, 2008 11:44 AM

Thanksgiving Angst!

I have posted frequently on this board about the peculiarities of our family - kosher, vegetarian, carnivores and the needs to accommodate all of them in one meal. Well, I think I am reaping what I have sown and it hurts terribly! After years of hosting brother, his entire family and accommodating their special requests, they have chosen to go elsewhere this holiday!

We are down to 5 people, immediate family. Perhaps even less. College DD would really like to spend holiday with her high school friends in town, youngest DD would rather go to boyfriend's house. That would leave 3 for Turkey Day!

It's almost not worth cooking Tgiving meal with all the apps, side dishes, 2 desserts and big bird for 3 people. In 25 years of marriage, we have never gone to a restaurant, this may be the first time.

Should we cook or should we go out? Better yet, how do we get ourselves invited to someone else's family celebration? Support or encouragement much needed. TIA!

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  1. Go out. We will drive 45 miles out into the country and have an incredible meal with more options than we would ever have at home. What we will miss is shopping, cleaning, cooking, dirty dishes, left overs and more cleaning.

    1. I'd cook. Perhaps scale down to a turkey breast or a roast chicken perhaps but I'd still cook. Maybe also trim the menu a bit with just one starter and one dessert or something along those lines. I'd definitely still cook, though.

      1. Another vote for going out. When close friends/family ask what your plans are, mention that you really don't have any plans and are thinking about going to a restaurant. Who knows, maybe you can score an invite.

        1. Another vote for cooking at home. Even though we're just two, I prefer the home-cooked meal to Thanksgiving at a restaurant. Yes, it's a fair bit of work, but you can scale it down to just the essentials, which for us will be the smallest turkey we can get, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, one vegetable side, and maybe pumpkin pie, maybe no dessert at all.

          I have felt our thanksgivings spent at a restaurant lacked any real sense of occasion, we did not like spending it in the company of strangers, and most importantly, we really missed the leftovers and what DH refers to as "the second meal" (Tday dinner redux on Friday night!). For us, Thanksgiving was always spent at home and it feels wrong to do otherwise.

          1. My small family always invites a lot of friends and neighbors over who don't have family in town. It makes for such a fun festive occasion. People usually want to bring something so we assign apps or desserts and do the bird and main sides ourselves. You would be suprised how many people need a place to spend turkey day!