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I need a great restaurant for my girlfriend's birthday.

So I'm looking for a restaurant suggestion for my girlfriend's birthday. I have a reservation at Osteria Mozza but all I could get was a table for 6:45, which seems too early to be festive. I'm looking for something similar that, Hatfields, Comme Ca, etc. Any thoughts?

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  1. What's wrong with hatfields?

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      Nothing is wrong with Hatfields but we just went there. And although its beautiful, I'm not the biggest fan of the food at the Little Door.

    2. The Little Door is pretty romantic.

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        Was just at the little door over the weekend and thought our meal was wonderful.
        OH and i'd recommend Lucques. Dying to go back there.

      2. take her to gordon ramsay. it is very classy, decor is cool, drinks are good, food is great, all of her friends will think you are a great guy, and all of their respective boyfriends will be pissed at you for a while.

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          Second the rec for Gordon Ramsay at The London in WeHo.

        2. My fiance took me to Cut for my birthday and I was VERY happy...other ideas: Il Grano, Jar, Wilshire, All 'Angelo, Animal.

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            Let me just add that I'm not looking for a steak restaurant.

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              Foundry on Melrose has a beautiful, romantic patio (I'm fairly certain it's heated), excellent, creative food & lively atmosphere. I believe that there's usually live jazz in the sleek bar, which might be fun for after-dinner drinks.

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                The Foundry is a GREAT suggestion, and its one of my favorites, but its also a place we've been to several times. I'm looking for places similar to it though, so you're on the right track.

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                  You probably should have let us know where you have been lately so as to not duplicate. Anyway, Lucques has a romantic patio and the food is delicious. I want to be taken to Valentino myself....

          2. I'll share the same wishlist I gave to my boyfriend last week. Il Grano, Grace, Lucques, and Palate Food and Wine. We did Il Grano and it didn't dissapoint!

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              Funny...we went to Il Grano on the 5th for my fiance's b-day (on his wish list) and I agree it was fab. We did the tasting menu with wine pairings.

            2. Virbrato Jazz Grill
              2930 Beverly Glen Circle

              Same owners as Parkway Grill in Pasadena

              Very good food and very romantic!

              1. You might want to try Providence on Melrose in Hollywood. Pricey, but definitely worth it. Sounds like you've been to quite a few other places suggested. You also might want to consider JiRaffe or Josie.

                1. Just remembered.....CRAFT in Century City...good is incredible, service is great, setting and decor are fabulous. Could prove for some interesting people watching also.

                  1. i think tasca is a nice place for a romantic birthday dinner. it's has a nice ambience, good selection of wines and prosecco cocktails, and delicious food. it's a small plates restaurant, which offers the chance to sample a variety of their dishes. wine and sharing small plates always make for a enjoyable evening!

                    1. My BF took me to West for dinner this past July and it was lovely. The view, the gorgeous bar and lounge areas were a nice change. The food and service were very nice. Or keep the res @ Osteria Mozza and go to West for a drink later.

                      Last year, it was Craft for the b-day, just after they opened. Craft is great, but lately I find their wonderful food too salty. Providence, Il Moro, Fraiche, Palate, Spago, Capo, Josie, Joe's and Vibrato would all be "spot on" choices.

                      Bon app!

                      1. Bashan in Glendale-- look for previous Chowhound posts about it.

                        Last year for my birthday, we went to Maison Akira in Pasadena. The dining room is like someone's very stuffy living room, but the staff was so nice to us and the food was amazing (especially the signature Miso Marinated Chilean Sea Bass).

                        For my boyfriend's birthday, we went to Saddle Peak Lodge which was very unique-- and definitely more appropriate to a chilly November night than to July when we were there!

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                          Is Venice too far for you?
                          If not take her to Primitivo. Spanish tapas, plus wine bar. Food is great, and atmosphere is cool.
                          It's always my go to spot for special occasions.

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                            I am sorry....primitivo really is not very good and not very Spanish either... I go to Tre Venezie on all special occasions. One Star Michelin. He was the Chef at San Domenico in Italy...one of the best restaurants... really really good and very special... also expensive

                        2. I second the Craft emotion, just went for a birthday. Lovely. Also you can't go wrong with Spago, Water Grill or Melisse (although the latter is a little subdued, but fabulous.)