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Nov 11, 2008 11:32 AM

I need a great restaurant for my girlfriend's birthday.

So I'm looking for a restaurant suggestion for my girlfriend's birthday. I have a reservation at Osteria Mozza but all I could get was a table for 6:45, which seems too early to be festive. I'm looking for something similar that, Hatfields, Comme Ca, etc. Any thoughts?

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  1. What's wrong with hatfields?

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    1. re: ns1

      Nothing is wrong with Hatfields but we just went there. And although its beautiful, I'm not the biggest fan of the food at the Little Door.

    2. The Little Door is pretty romantic.

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      1. re: cinsays

        Was just at the little door over the weekend and thought our meal was wonderful.
        OH and i'd recommend Lucques. Dying to go back there.

      2. take her to gordon ramsay. it is very classy, decor is cool, drinks are good, food is great, all of her friends will think you are a great guy, and all of their respective boyfriends will be pissed at you for a while.

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          Second the rec for Gordon Ramsay at The London in WeHo.

        2. My fiance took me to Cut for my birthday and I was VERY happy...other ideas: Il Grano, Jar, Wilshire, All 'Angelo, Animal.

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            Let me just add that I'm not looking for a steak restaurant.

            1. re: gauchosi

              Foundry on Melrose has a beautiful, romantic patio (I'm fairly certain it's heated), excellent, creative food & lively atmosphere. I believe that there's usually live jazz in the sleek bar, which might be fun for after-dinner drinks.

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                The Foundry is a GREAT suggestion, and its one of my favorites, but its also a place we've been to several times. I'm looking for places similar to it though, so you're on the right track.

                1. re: gauchosi

                  You probably should have let us know where you have been lately so as to not duplicate. Anyway, Lucques has a romantic patio and the food is delicious. I want to be taken to Valentino myself....

          2. I'll share the same wishlist I gave to my boyfriend last week. Il Grano, Grace, Lucques, and Palate Food and Wine. We did Il Grano and it didn't dissapoint!

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              Funny...we went to Il Grano on the 5th for my fiance's b-day (on his wish list) and I agree it was fab. We did the tasting menu with wine pairings.