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Nov 11, 2008 11:27 AM

Danforth/Birchmount Lunch!!!

I work at Eli Lilly at the corner of Birchmount Rd. and Danforth Ave. in Scarborough. I've been looking for somewhere good to eat for lunch for a while now and have come up short handed and need help!!

I am looking for something quick, that I can sit down (if time permits) or something that I can pick up and go if need be. I love every type of food so any suggestions are welcome!

Please help!!

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  1. JJJerk for rotis, jerk chicken and other Caribbean goodies. A few tables, but mainly takeout. Very reasonable luncheon specials for under $5. North side of Kingston Rd. just west of Midland Ave.

    1. Just up the street on Birchmount, there's a little plaza, with places like "Cactus Jack's" in it -- not recommending that. But there's a little Vietnamese place in the plaza (can't remember the name), and we've been several times, and had good food. The only disappointment was the last time we went, the spring rolls were not the same handmade ones we had all the previous times. I didn't know if that's because they ran out, or have decided to change to something else.

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        The owners of the pho place (I think it's Pho Dai Nam) are the same as Krispy Roll on Warden (who are the same owners of a famous place that was down on Spadina but they closed shop and moved to Warden Avenue)

        There's also Feathers on Kingston Rd west of Vic Park. Good English grub.

      2. At Birchmount Plaza on Birchmount at Danforth Rd, there's a fish & chips place called Uncle Harry's. Never been but it's had positive comments on the board (click on place link to see related threads)

        Uncle Harry's
        462 Birchmount Rd, Toronto, ON M1K1N8, CA

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          I have been to uncle harry's recently and i am saddened to say they are no longer a good place for fish and chips. The fish they use is frozen, and you can taste the freezer burn on the meat. the chips are frozen and of poor quality. to me any fish and chip shop worth its salt should be able to make fresh cut fries. Its just not the same since uncle harry sold out years ago. even though the restaurant is back in his sons hands he has done a piss poor job of running it. It is unfortunate for this place used to have great fish and chips and great portions.

        2. There's also a place on Danforth Rd just east of Birchmount called Portugril that has good churrasco chicken. In the small plaza with Sun Valley in it.

          Haven't been in a quite a while so hope it's still there.

          1733 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M1K, CA