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Nov 11, 2008 10:55 AM

Really great TOFU?

I recently spent time in Japan and one of my very favorite meals (unexpectedly) was at a tofu restaurant in Kyoto - the tofu was incredibly fresh with a beautiful soft/silken texture and subtle taste. They served it by bringing to our table a large earthenware pot full of water (with a flame underneath to keep it simmering) and then adding large chunks of fresh tofu. The tofu was then eaten with various japanese pickles, tempura and other dishes served on the side. So simple and so amazing.

Is anyone aware of a place in NYC where I can relive my Kyoto tofu experience? Or, alternatively, do you have a recommendation for a food store that makes and sells their own fresh tofu?

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  1. Try Kyotofu on Ninth Avenue:

    The warm simmered tofu sounds like what you're looking for. I had it at lunchtime and as I recall they poured liquid into the simmer pot at our table, then we waited a bit (15 minutes?) for it to gel. Silky, just like you described.

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      Thank you – sounds exactly what I am looking for!

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        I think you're looking for yudofu. I had a very similar meal in Kyoto at a yudofuya near Nanzen-ji which was really delicious. And it sounds like Kyotofu fits the bill, but in case you're looking for other delicious tofu options, I would also recommend any of the Totto/Torys places for their simmered tofu, as well as EN, where they make tofu fresh multiple times a day.

    2. different experience than yu dofu, but you should try the fresh made sesame tofu at donguri...its amazing, very soft and creamy, really amazing

      1. also Aburiya Kinnosuke has *the* best hand made tofu (and food in general)