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Nov 11, 2008 10:54 AM

East Bay Restaurants (Tri-Valley) before Baby

My birthday is coming up & we're looking for some dinner spots. We're pregnant so this is our last chance to go to some nice restaurants before baby comes. Yes, I know, some people are able to bring their baby to the most sophisticated restaurants, but just in case we're not that lucky...

Are there favorite restaurants that you would love to go to without the kids?

* We would like something nice & casual - somewhat quiet, but not pricey (around $15/ entree). We're also on a "get ready for baby" budget. :)

* Non-chain restaurants in the tri-valley area (Oakland would be a 2nd choice).

* Most of all, delicious food- any kind of food... Italian, American, Californian, Japanese (no sushi, per DR. orders), Asian...

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  1. First off, go to Pizzaiolo and A Cote now, since those are great for that price range and become much more difficult with kids (esp coming from over the hills). Yes, they are both loud but casual.

    On the East side:
    Lily's House in Lafayette is very casual, quiet, and has excellent food in you order off the Shanghainese menu (not the regular menu!). Well, I should say it's quiet unless you happen to go when we're there with our 3 boys.

    Kopitiam and El Jarro in Lafayette as well. All of these are great places with kids too.

    Amaroma in Moraga is quite a bit louder but otherwise fits your description. Plus it's small so harder to do with a baby (and therefore better to do before kiddo)

    We liked Amaranta in Danville, which was quiet at lunch time. It's good food and a great atmosphere, but not great food. Seems like the type of place where you need to order carefully. The "medium" salsa (for free with chips) and refried black beans were both outstanding. Mole and ceviche were good but not great.

    We find many of the more classic California-style places (Metro, Va de Vi, etc.) to pale in comparison to Oakland/Berkeley equivalents.

    In general, you'll find places on the east side of the hills to be very forgiving of children.

    1. I understand wanted to stay close to home when you are close to your due date. For something nice, I like Cafe Esin in San Ramon but the entrees are higher than $15.

      I recommended Faz for someone looking for a decent lunch spot and you can get an entree for $15. That doesn't include include a salad or dessert.

      Have fun and Happy Birthday!

      Cafe Esin - CLOSED, moved to Danville
      2416 San Ramon Vly Blvd # 140, San Ramon, CA

      Faz Restaurant & Bar
      5121 Hopyard Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588

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        FYI...Cafe Esin moved to Danville. It is in the new shopping center (Rose something?) at the corner of Camino Ramon and Sycamore Valley just off the freeway. Excellent rec...the desserts are fabulous!