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Nov 11, 2008 10:50 AM

Need Help Choosing a Restaurant

Im taking my girlfriend to MSG to see a show this weekend. I was wondering if you guys can suggest some good restaurants for me and her to go to dinner to. If it is possible to keep it with in range of MSG and nothing like in Soho...or whatnot. Might I add its our anniversary and I would like it to be romantic, but in the same time fun with a good menu.


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  1. One of my fav places is Ethos
    On Third Ave between 33rd and 34th St.
    Delicious Greek...especially the grilled fish

    Then you can hop on the crosstown bus and get off right in front of MSG / Penn Station.

    1. While I like Ethos, I would not choose it for an anniversary dinner. It's crowded and loud, i.e., not in any way romantic.

      I think that romantic restaurants don't tend to be fun. They're usually dimly lit and fairly quiet. Would you prefer to sacrifice romance in favor of an upbeat vibe?

      It would be helpful if you would give us a few more specifics. What are your cuisine preferences? Are you willing to go to other neighborhoods that are relatively close to MSG but not as far downtown as Soho? What is your per person budget for food (alcoholic beverages, tax & tip extra)?

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        Well its only our 8 months and yea I can agree with you on the atmosphere of romantic restaurants. So yes I can sacrfrice that. I am not picky when it comes to choosing something on the menu , but my girlfriend likes to eat pasta and when it comes to meat she is more of a chicken type of girl. But I am not limiting the restaurants you may have in mind down to that, we can try anything just lettting u know our preferences just not a menu with absurd names of dishes or to fancy of a name for us to understand. For 2 I am looking to spend from 60-80 dollars give or take and we don't drink alcoholic beverages so the restaurant doesn't have to be known for its alcohol. Yes I will be willing to go to other neighborhoods just not THAT far. Also we are a big fan of desserts so also a place that has a good dessert too. I am open for any recommendations, and suggestions. you don't have to go strictly by my guidelines but just giving you an idea what we like.


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          Also, I would like the atmosphere of the restaurant to not be so loud where its hard for us to hear each other talk.

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          What's the name of the nearby Italian restaurant that you recommended to me once? Osteria?

        3. There's a new place that I have been meaning to try located right across from MSG in the old Tupelo space. Its Italian, called Lugo Caffe. I saw a brief write-up in New york magazine, with a little description but no critical comments. I searched on the Manhattan board but it does not look like anyone posted on it yet. If its good (which i cant vouch for), the location is convenient to MSG and its Italian. The write-up seems to match what you might be looking for..... Anybody?

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            hmm, any recommendations that anyone has already tried?