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Nov 11, 2008 10:46 AM

Magnolia's Really IS That Bad

I was prepared not to believe the negative hype about Magnolia's. After all, people love to bash popular places. And I also love Buttercup, which a lot of people don't. Turns out the (Chowhound) crowd was right this time. I tried out a cupcake at the upper west side Magnolia's location and it was really authentically BAD. Not just mediocre, but bad. The frosting had this terrible chalky flavor to it that I think comes from using way too much confectioners' sugar. Well, here's adding one more voice to warn people away.

Buttercup, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, and Sweet Revenge all are far superior.

The Vegetarian New Yorker:

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  1. I don't like the set up at UWS Magnolia's. For most items, customer's serve themselves. I like my baked goods to be kept behind a sneeze guard or glass case--its more hygenic.

    1. I greatly prefer Buttercup by far, especially with regard to the most important component of the cupcake - the frosting. The only cupcakes I will eat in Magnolia are the chocolate frosting ones. They aren't so bad but the other frostings are ghastly. My only gripe is that Buttercup does not provide boxes for small orders which results in ruined cupcakes on the trip home.

      1. It IS awful..Honestly, they should be ashamed to put out a cupcake like that.
        Buttercup is better, yes....

        1. I love Eleni's cupcakes in the Chelsea Market. The plain ones with colored buttercream frosting are kind of mediocre, but the chocolate coconut or chocolate buttercream are really good, and the muffins with cream cheese frosting are amazing. And if you go after 6 they're half price, which comes out to about a buck each.

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            yeah the cupcakes at Magnolia arent really that's become a cliche how people out here like to bash them so hard.

            1. re: jvish

              no, theyre bad! at least everytime ive been there. not even edible.

          2. i goto magnolias to get the banana pudding--the cupcakes are fine but the pudding is the GOAT