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Nov 11, 2008 10:43 AM

Great corn tortillas in Redwood City/Menlo Park?

Is there anywhere that sells high-quality corn tortillas in Redwood City, Menlo Park, or Palo Alto? I have a big batch of tinga de pollo simmering away, but a taco is only as good as its tortilla! Where should I go?


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  1. I like Chavez market brand - no preservatives, nothing but corn, lime and salt. Also like those from Estrellita across from Costco in Redwood City. Neither are handmade, but they are good tortillas.

    1. Some of the grocers have hand-made corn tortillas usually at the cash register - I've noticed them lately at El Mercadito Latino on El Camino near Roosevelt... I can't comment on the quality as I haven't tried them.

      El Mercadito Latino
      1726 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA

      1. Most Mexican Markets have very fresh corn tortillas. Some have house made tortillas, but I have had real good luck with the fresh factory made tortillas.

        But if you have the time and desire the Mexican Markets have fresh masa and you can make your own. We have a press (which doubles for making skins for dumplings ( wife used like to make dumplings and it came in handy now only for making tortillas) the freshly made hot tortillas can not be beat.

        Lots of options.

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          Great idea
          I know Mi Rancho in Menlo Park has fresh masa, and I bet as yimster suggests its pretty common at other places
          Christmas is coming! Maybe I need a press....

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            I was in Chavez Mkt yesterday, at their deli, they have a machine right next to the flattop which cranks out 6" tortillas that get flopped right onto the grill when you make your order for tacos. Like a dummie, I ordered two small 4" ers and they came out of a bag. La Rosa brand, but still, not fresh off the press.

            Chavez has fresh masa in bags in one of their cold cases.

            I noted to my delight that their fresh strawberries are from OKUI, the premier strawberry stand on the Central Coast, located across 13th St from Ron's Nursery, at the border or Grover Beach and Oceano. I don't know if their shipped berries are as sweet as the stand berries, but those are very good.