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Nov 11, 2008 10:07 AM

Just the right bar for my birthday...

Help, all! Despite my protests, some friends insist on taking me out for my birthday this Saturday. I don't like a big fuss made over me, so want to keep it low-key. I'd love something like the bar at Martin's, but Georgetown is just too inconvenient for everyone. I've pored over the Post City Guide and can't find anything that's low-key enough, especially on a Saturday. Any advice?

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  1. If your willing to wander up to the Baltimore area I love Howl at the Moon. It's a dueling piano bar, that we like to go to for special occasions. It's great entertainment for all.

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    1. re: WhatsToEatBaltimore

      Sounds lovely, but if Georgetown is inconvenient for us, Baltimore is even more so!

      1. re: katecm

        Howl at the Moon and low-key don't often find each other in the same sentence.

    2. Happy Birthday! The bar at 701 is often uncrowded on a Saturday. It is definitely low key. The bar at Ten Penh is pretty nice for a low-key gathering. The bar at Fogo de Chao has a nice fireplace but I've never been there on a Saturday. Chi Cha is good if you get there pretty early. Ulah Bistro on U street is very cool upstairs. Very loungey with couches, etc. Upstairs at Sonoma is great, but I don't know how its weekend crowds would be.

      1. Try the bar at Sette Bella in Arlington VA (on Highland Street). It is usually not very crowded, since most people come here for dinner. The back room at Tallula on Washington Blvd (Arlington) is also nice.

        1. It would help if you would say what part of DC and/or the region *is* convenient for you. Perhaps the bar/lounge at Firefly in Dupont Circle? The back bar at Notte Bianchi in Foggy Bottom?

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            Sorry, in my mind, convenient means Metro-accessible, preferably Red line. Firefly is a really good idea. That's definitely the sort of thinking I'm looking for, but my mortification about the big birthday fuss is keeping me from doing it myself!

          2. How about some of the classic hotel bars such as the Mayflower?

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              i agree and i love that bar! Even though it's small what about Veritas? i guess you would have to like wine to enjoy it though. YOu could do a bar crawl in Cleveland park....the 2 irish places, CP grill or whatever it's called; Dino; Palena front room; the new tapas place.