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Nov 11, 2008 10:05 AM

Soup Dumplings in Brooklyn

Desperate for the goods in downtown BK, Boerum, Carroll Gardens, the Heights, Cobble....Help a slurper out!

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  1. The most amazing soup dumplings I know of are a little farther north in Williamsburg. M restaurant on Havemayer really knows what they're doing in the slurp department! Check it out!

    1. There's no soup dumplings in south brooklyn as far as I can tell. But one of the great thing about this neighborhood is that we're only a couple stops away from C-town (manhattan). Honestly it's way easier to go there than BK's c-town (or M. Shanghai in williamsburg for that matter, though I agree they are pretty good).

      1. Try Pacificana, 55th & 8th. Dim Sum is delicious and soup dumplings (ask for steamed crab dumplings, they don't call them soup dumplings there) are really, really good.

        1. don't know how good they are but chance on smith st has some soup dumplings on their menu. at least they did last time i checked.