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Nov 11, 2008 09:56 AM

Reasonably priced dinner on Saturday, in Dupont or Georgetown?

I'm trying to decide on a place to have dinner with some friends on Saturday, and am hitting a wall since some of my companions have limitations with regards to their budgets and "adventure levels." Are there any good places in either Dupont or Gtown where we can get reasonably priced entrees ($20's at the most), and where a non-adventurous eater would feel at home? Also, there will likely be 5-6 in our group, so restaurant size/reservations might also be a deciding factor.

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  1. In Georgetown, try the Tackle Box. It's very affordable and they can choose how they want their fish prepared and what side dishes they want.

    Pizzeria Paradiso has branches in both places but may get packed. Sette Osteria can usually accomodate people and is also reasonable. Circa, right by the Dupont North exit, isn't anything mind-blowing, but is reasonable and will probably appeal to less adventurous types.

    1. Penang is one of my favorites (even tho it is a chain..), but not sure if that's too "adventurous" or not. I have gone there with picky eaters, and they have always found something that is close enough to mainstream chinese food that they feel comfortable. If you go, try their calamari appetizer. Delicious!

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