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Nov 11, 2008 09:40 AM

Hosting a New Orleans Wedding

My fiance and I are getting married in New Orleans in the spring of 2010. We became very familiar with local restaurants while attending Tulane, but aren't sure about the places that have the best reputation for hosting a wedding ceremony + reception. Our biggest concern is the food, as we wouldn't want all of our out-of-town guests to have their first impression of NOLA be some mediocre hotel food.

Does anybody have any good (or bad) experiences?

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  1. Two words.....Napoleon House. Got married there in April. Great space, location and food.

    1. maison dupuy gets my vote.

      what about the columns hotel? it would be like homecoming for you.

      1. We got married and had our reception at NOMA. Beautiful space and you can't beat supporting a local museum. I'd rather give my money to them than some hotel any day. Rehearsal dinner at Ralph's on the Park (big rooms upstairs overlooking city park). Catering for the reception was done by Joel, and since we're both foodies food was a huge deal. We tried food art and some other ones but ultimately went with Joel. It was an excellent call as the food was impeccable...really outstanding. It met our extremely high expectations. And they complied with our requests that as many things as possible be made with local ingredients. Cake was done by Zoe. Again we went for taste and found their cakes to be the best. And they were beautiful to boot. Hope this helps.

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          Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is just what I'm looking for.

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            At NOMA you can rent the sculpture garden if you want it outside.

        2. how many people? this may dictate where you can have your wedding.
          are you looking for a special setting that may require off-premises catering?
          do you want outdoor or indoor?
          also, hotel food in NOLA is not all bad, as can be the case in hotels in other cities. there are many restaurants in hotels that are leased out to some great chefs cooking some really good food. again, capacity will be key to who can handle your function.
          here's a nice site that has some recs:

          and also check out:

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            We're looking for a small reception, probably 50 people. I would love an outdoor ceremony (perhaps a courtyard), with an indoor reception. Thanks for the great links!


          2. Depending on how big of wedding you are could look into New Orleans Board of Trade. Its in the CBD. They use Pigeon Catering. All of the food Ive had was great! They have a courtyard- very new orleans.