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Nov 11, 2008 09:28 AM

Binkley's Cancellation Policy

I was wondering if anyone knows what the cancellation policy is, before I put CC info. on OpenTable?

I've called numerous times over the past few days with no answer.

Sorry for the dull thread, but I wanted to make a reservation before it's filled, which will be soon.


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  1. They request at least 24 hours notice. I would assume this is a courtesy as they do not require a CC to put down a reservation.

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    1. re: CheesemongersWife

      Actually I made a reservation to go to Binkley's today over the phone and they did ask me for a CC to hold the reservation. I asked about charging me and they said it's simply to hold people accountable and unless its a special circumstance they won't charge your card for cancelling(I'm assuming they will for large groups or on big nights like NYE, valentines day, etc). He did ask for a courtesy call 24 hours in advance in the event of a cancellation, which I find pretty standard for most restaurants, although rarely enforced.

      Side note: This is my first time going to binkley's and I can't contain my excitement. The rest of my party has no idea why i basically created a countdown to our dinner!

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        You are going to LOVE IT! I am so excited for you!

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          Wow. I have never been asked for a's been a couple months since we've maybe it's something new?

      2. Wow, I've never thought about it, as I have never canceled a Binkley's reservation. Still, back to OT, I've had to cancel more than I wished, but schedules have a way of changing in my family. They ask for 24 hrs. and I've never had a problem. I usually also call the restaurant, when we must cancel, just so they know immediately, that they can open up that table and at that time. I do this for all restaurants, whether in AZ, CA, New Orleans, SF, Hawai`i, London or Paris. Many are surprised at the call, but I would not have it any other way, especially as we hope to dine with them in the future.


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          I had a reservation at Binkley' s on my wife Birthday. After my wife got home from work, she began experiencing serious flu symptoms. I immediately called Binkley's to let them know that we couldn't make it. They were very understanding despite the 2 hours of notice.

        2. Okay, great, thanks. 24 hrs is completely fair. It just made me nervous after reading in another thread someone being charged $50/pp for cancellation at Kai on Valentine's Day. Granted, it was Valentine's Day which is in demand, but wanted to make sure this isn't how it usually works at other places asking for CC, on a normal night.

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            Alex in LV has that same policy...50pp of you are a no show. Back east...some reservations are so hard to get...folks are selling them online....that's right...selling thier reservations.

          2. just to confirm your response from Random987 I can absolutely guarantee that unless you do a no call no show for a cancellation, they will never charge you. they care far too much about guests there to be frivolous charges at everyone that has a cancellation.
            Have a great time. Hands down one of my favorite places to dine in the country! Kevin is a treat.