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Nov 11, 2008 09:18 AM

Favorites at Kanoyama?

What do you like to order at Kanoyama? There's been a lot of discussion about the quality of the sushi here, but I'm curious to know what people order.

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  1. On a recent trip, we ordered sushi for two, and actually enjoyed the rolls even more than the nigiri. Both were good, but the rolls were just perfect.

    1. Kanoyama is pretty good about keeping their website 'fresh". Here are their latest specials On the printed menu, these appear, I believe, on the first page left side. As a general rule when ordering at Japanese restaurants, these are the way to go. They should have some kind of omakase or set based on the 'fish of the day' section. This is where the restaurant is getting its' reputation for quality.

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        Agreed. I go right for the specials.

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          Ditto. I usually do some oysters or a sashimi appetizer, and one of the omakase of the day sets (nigiri or more sashimi). Maybe add on 2-3 more pieces from the daily specials.

        2. re: Silverjay

          I agree with Silverjay. Don't bother to order the regular "omakase sashimi" or "omakase sushi" on the menu. Sit at the bar and tell the chef you want omakase from him with your budget. That's the way to go to really enjoy Kanoyama. Order a few more "specials" of the day. The regular omakase printed on the menu (about $35-ish) isn't that special. It is good for the price, but it doesn't represent what Kanoyama has to offer.

          Besides sushi and sashimi, their cooked food is much better than a lot of the restaurants at the same price. Again, look for the specials and focus on those.

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          1. I cannot comment as to freshness, I certainly never have gotten sick here, but service is a disaster, the prices are not fair relative to what one gets. Due to being in wonderful company, none of this mattered much last visit. We had fun, the ambiance was nice and not too noisy, but as a veteran of many sushi restaurants in L.A. & N.Y., I was a bit embarrassed for them. The maguro & hamachi was fresh and certainly not off, but the server forgot to order our sushi, so it was roughly 45 minutes in arriving after our starters. I always tip 20%, but shaved it back a bit from that, due to the server being seemingly unconscious. The tuna ribs are an experience, though. I just would never go back. We did have a halibut sashimi starter with ponzu that was quite good and the shumai are a lot more subtle than my usual place, but still, it was way too expensive for what they put out.

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              I had the best, most freshest uni that I ever had in my life at Kanoyama - and I am not even a big uni fan. It was delicious. I ordered a mushroom special once that was very nice - came out steamed in tin foil. I didn't really think to look at the price - it was mushrooms after all - but it came out to $35 on the bill! So that was kind of a shock.