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Nov 11, 2008 09:03 AM

causal lunch-la jolla, del mar or utc

looking for a good, non-chain type lunch spot for a causal get away from the office. any kind of food welcome

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  1. In the Del Mar area, my favorites for what you seem to be looking for include:
    Stratford Court Cafe (breakfast and lunch)
    Board & Brew (sandwiches)

    1. In La Jolla, El Pescador for really fresh grilled seafood sandwiches. Girard Gourment for sandwiches and salads. Burger Lounge = grass-fed beef hamburgers. Goldfish Point for Paninis right at the cove. Rimels - pretty little courtyard setting with fresh fish, rotisserie chicken, salads and bowls. Next door to that is Marketplace grill for mediteranean and on the other sides is Porkylands for carnitas and tamales.

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      1. Del Mar--Pacifica Breeze Cafe.
        Americana isn't too bad either.
        Crepes and Cork might be worth a try--haven't gone yet but it's on our list.
        Alborz has decent Persian food.

        UTC--Wired has some decent food, although I've had some misses there as well (underseasoned crepes, I recall).
        Edo Sushi has solid sushi and bento boxes.

        La Jolla--Mission Cup Cafe

        1. Il Fornaio in Del Mar. Small chain but surprisingly good Italian food for SD.

          1. Opera Cafe located right off the 805. Take the first right at the light, and another right after that.. and it's right there!
            It's fairly close to the locations your requesting.