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Nov 11, 2008 08:52 AM

Thanksgiving for two?

The boyfriend and I will be in different states on actual Thanksgiving. To get a little QT in before we go our seperate ways, we want to have our own Thanksgiving dinner, for two. We love to cook and experiment but want the basic flavors of Thanksgiving (we are thinking of a roasting a turkey breast?).

I want to do apps to desert but nothing too too fussy and we don't need four sides or something like you might have at a big family dinner.

I need help planning out this menu....any ideas?

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  1. Last year I made Cornish Game Hens instead of turkey - it was just going to be two of us, though ended up being four. Here's my initial menu, but I ended up doing a wonderful wild mushroom soup to start, and made a wine/cranberry jelly, though I wasn't thrilled with it:

    What we ended up doing:

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      There's an excellent idea. I often do Cornish game hens stuffed with rice pilaf and bacon bits and/or mushrooms and it's well received by everyone.
      I halve the game hens through the breast gone so that each serving gets an equal portion of leg, breast and wing, then fill the cavity with stuffing and bake it skin side up.

      1. re: todao

        Mine were very small, so I served one per person.

    2. As long as you like to experiment and don't want a traditional meal, you might want to try something like this:
      Just reduce the quantities proportionately and brush the outer surfaces of the turkey breast with butter to get a higher level of browning.

      1. We are often two for Thanksgiving and have gone through a variety of poultry and meats ... and several times steamed lobsters. We have cocktails with one or two hors d'oeuvre, tend to make just a few sides, and sit down to a beautiful table to make the meal special and festive. Very carefree.... the key is to cook what you absolutely love.

        As for the turkey breast, we roasted a 6 lb. bone-in TB this past Sunday...very easy to do and turned out deliciously.

        1. A whole bone-in TB is great and easy to do, but for only 2 people, you will have a LOT of leftovers. A typical 5 to 6 lb TB and can serve 4 - 6 adults with leftovers - of course, that's with multiple sides, but still, it's a lot of turkey. I'd suggest getting 1/2 TB which would be great for 2 people with a bit of leftovers for sandwiches. Just don't be tempted to get the cutlets - they dry out super easy.

          For sides, you may want to consider roasted veggies. Depending on your selection, they can be quite appealing with color, you can have a variety (and only dirty one pan) and they're EASY to do. If you have the patience to navigate the food network's web site, Ina Garten, aka Barefoot, has some great recipes.

          Last Sun., Swanson printed a super simple dressing recipe. 2-12 cups Chicken Broth, black pepper, 2 stalks celery (coarse chop), 1 lg onion (coarse chop). Heat all of this over med-high heat to boil. Reduce to low, cover and cook until veggies are tender (5-ish min). Add 1 16-oz pkg Pepperidge Farm Heb Seasoned Stuffing and mix lightly. Spoon into 3-qt casserole dish, cover and bake at 350 for 30 min. For crunchier texture, leave uncovered.

          1. For a special small meal I like to make rack of lamb, with butter mashed potatoes and oven-roasted seasonable vegetables. We will usuall kick this meal of with some kind of seafood (shrimp or crab) and finish up with a flourless chocolate cake. Add a sparkling white wine to start and finish, and a good red for the middle and you have yourself a meal!