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Anything decent near the airport in Providence, R.I.

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Would love to have a decent meal before we get on the plane...

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  1. There's a Legal Seafood right across the street.

    1. There's also a Bertucci's within walking distance of airport--about half the price of Legal and not at all bad for a chain.

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        Would you consider a Southerntier Creme Brulee Stout a meal replacement? If so, hit up Track 84 for a shot of pre-flight courage.

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          Yes, jcm--Track 84 is a great beer bar as far as always having a large selection of micros on draft. Dave the owner is a really nice guy and very knowledgable about his beers. I used to work nearby and would buy a sandwich at his family's shop next door and bring it into the bar to have with a beer. Best part of the workday! It's about 1/4 mile from the airport.

      2. Gregg's, has great desserts,. On Post road, just north of Rt 37

        1. My favorite place near TF Green is Walt's Rpast Beef. It's nothing fancy but a cut above fast food. Really excellent roast beed sandiches made to order on grilled buns, excellent fries and a good value. It's in the strip mall behind the pancake house.

          1. Hi Priya....Had the same question a few weeks ago. Here's the thread:


            Didn't have much time so just went to Jersey Mike's for a sub....excellent !

            1. Legal seafoods is the only decent restaurant in the area.

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                Even though this location is not quite as stellar as some of its greater boston area counterparts, i love it. we drive from providence to go there. there is also (more seafood) a sister location ,brand new, of one of my favorite providence restraunts providence oyster bar inside the airport. i hear it's quite nice, although i know the prices at the city location are considerably higher than legal seafood.

              2. One of my guilty pleasures is Dave's Bar and Grill on Post Road. I stop there for a grilled cheese sandwich, pickle and fries, for about $4 before a flight.

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                  That's the name of it! I couldn't remember it no matter how I tried. Agreed: very good food for a sports bar, I also recommend. I think Legal Seafoods has gone significantly downhill in the last few years, although I haven't been in maybe a year so it may have improved. Bertucci's, for a chain, is pretty darn good. They have a pizza with whole cloves of roasted garlic on it that is amazing. I don't recommend Gregg's though, except for desserts.