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Nov 11, 2008 08:27 AM

Wazema Ethiopian, Danforth

We're off to the above for dinner tonight.

Not being familiar with Ethiopian food, what can you knowledgeable guys recommend we have for dinner. We're open to vegetarian or meat dishes.

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  1. Tell the server you are new. You'll probably get a combo plate to share with both veg and meat. Enjoy.

    1. If you haven't eaten in an Ethiopan restaurant before, it may be helpful to know that they don't provide knives and forks, and if you ask for them, you will probably be told that the food won't taste right if you use a fork... Seriously, that's what I was told at both Dukem and Nazareth.

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      1. re: foodyDudey

        I can see what they mean. Because you eat it with a piece of injera, each piece is wrapped in the injera, which adds to the flavour. I don't think you would get a bit of injera with each bite, if you used a fork. Plus, eating it as they do is part of the experience.

        1. re: pescatarian

          What I want to do is pick up piece of injera, and then use a fork to drop some of the food into it. I brougt my own fork to Nazareth when I met up with some people there a few weeks ago, and I'm glad I did! It worked out fine and tased good to me. Actually the food at Nazareth was better than the take-out I had from Dukem last week.
          Even though I use chopsticks when I eat in a Chinese restaurant, at least they offer knives and forks to people who ask for them.

          1. re: foodyDudey

            sounds like a bring your own chopsticks type of event! find a handy dandy case and tuck them away for all eating situations. probably super ideal for ethiopian because of the diced/chopped up ingredients.

            btw, after trying dukem i will be sticking to nazareth. the super low price doesn't hurt either.

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              That's how I can (finally) use the travel-sticks that T&T gave away at their grand opening a few years back...

              btw, where is Nazareth?

              1. re: neighborguy

                969 Bloor Street West a few short blocks west of ossington.

                beware that the place is incredibly tiny and so either be prepared for a wait or go early. i hear the happy birthday song and dance is over the top there (who would have thought they'd even have one!?!) and i like to get both the veg and meat platters there because i can't miss out on my lentils (no cabbage though) and their kitfo has the nicest spicing i've tried.