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Nov 11, 2008 07:52 AM

anywhere notable to eat near ikea?

we're headed to ikea-- is there anywhere to eat down there?

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  1. Not much in the way of fancy, upscale places, but there are some decent spots for casual, inexpensive dining.

    Avon has next to nothing and Brockton doesn't have much, so it may be best to look at Stoughton and Randolph. Cheng Du in Stoughton Center has good Chinese food, while Pho So 1 in Randolph (just off of Route 139 near the center) has excellent Vietnamese cuisine. Also in Randolph is the Lynwood Cafe, which serves some of the best pizza in the Boston area, IMO.

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      as it was lunchtime, we stopped at lynwood cafe. definitely off the beaten path. it's a soda, beer and only pizza place. one pizza, two diet cokes for $12. pizza is the size of two large slices-- so relatively pricey for the size, but tasty crust, good flavor and quite convenient to ikea. would not, however, make the trek from boston just for the pizza. what was most impressive was the quantity of takeout orders being processed. one guy walked out with 20 pizzas!

    2. While I know there are conflicting opinions on Lastoria in Stoughton, I think it's great. Great drinks (always a plus) and good wine list. Terrific bread and bean dip to start and a menu to please everyone--well executed at that.

      Thisi s a neighborhood spot. My sister lives down the street so she/we go pretty often. I wouldn't say it's a destination for an anniversary celebration, but it's a great spot if you ar e in the area. I wish my neighborhood had such.

      After slogging through Ikea (I mean that in a good way), I can't think of anywhere I'd rather go than Lastoria.

      1. Most people eat at Ikea as they have a Swedish cafeteria w/Lingonberry everything... I seem to remember having a Cheap Eats guide that had some interesting places to eat in that area. May want to check it out. Is the Town Spa pizzeria still around? That's a good place. They serve pizza like Arlington's Za but have been around for decades.

        1. wait, what? Sorry I missed the chance to say: eat at IKEA! Though I have big soft spots for Swedish cuisine, I save myself for the hot dogs and cinnamon buns at the end of the tour. Also, you can pick up elderberry and lingonberry jellies, great for swedish pancakes. No semlor, though :(

          If you go to the restaurant in the middle of the store, head for the DAIM almondy slices (a tartish thing based on a candy bar).