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where to buy a whole Goose?

Hello, I have a question, where is the best place to buy a goose for Thanksgiving or Xmas, would prefer fresh, but a good quality Frozen would do

No problem about travel within 50 miles of Boston

Thanks have a great Thanks giving

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  1. I'm sure one of the meat purveyors that do cash and carry might be able to procure one for you. Try Dole & Bailey in Woburn, Cambridge Packing in Southie or FB Packing in Southie.

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      1. Wilson Farms in Lexington has them for the holidays and you can call to pre-reserve one. We had one for the holidays last year and it was really good, as was the leftover fat that we froze and used to make a number of meals more decadent in the following months!

        1. I've gotten mine for Christmas for the past couple of years at the Whole Foods in Framingham. I don't remember seeing Goose before Thanksgiving, though.

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            I've also bought goose at Whole Foods (Brighton), but it was for a Xmas dinner so maybe they only carry them at holiday time.

          2. Saw them yesterday in the freezer case near the deli counter at Somerville Market Basket. Savenor's either downtown or Cambridge would probably be able to help you too.

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              parsnipity, th so much for posting this. i purchased one at somerville Mkt Basket today; only $4 lb compared to $6+ lb. elsewhere AND it's wrapper says "Free Range". yay!

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                13 lb goose, same price 12/09 as 12/08 at Somville MB. brined 2 days, smoked 8 hrs. YES!!

            2. try your local golf course... lol

              you may want to look into one of the livestock places down in Chinatown.

              1. John Dewar in Newton or Wellesley. Call first to order.

                1. Eguyinnyc has the right idea, you might also try the esplanade. I've cooked a goose that came from the Stop & Shop and one that came from Whole Foods. Not too much difference and there was so much work involved. A huge goose will feed four with some leftovers. The rendered fat weighs almost as much as the goose. I will admit it was a treat for some guest, but left others wishing for a capon. Happy hunting.

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                    But the rendered fat is the best part! After the goose dinner you're set for months of glorious fried potatoes, confit de canard, and other tasty treats.

                  2. I always buy mine (at Christmas) at McKinnon's in Danvers. They also have stores in Everett and Salem, NH and their website is http://www.mckinnonsmarkets.com. They are frozen but are great quality....you will need plenty of lead time to thaw in the fridge so plan ahead. It would probably be a good idea to call them and see if they have them this early.

                      1. Market Basket in Reading had frozen ones for $4/lb in their poultry cases today.

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                          Closer to the holidays they usually put out a few fresh ones, both for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I believe you could call ahead to order. I have also seen a few scarce capons during that period too, although I tend to go to Mayflower for both birds. On the above linked thread, I think someone mused about Mayflower and whether "fresh killed" applied to goose. Mayflower tends to buy a lot of their poultry pre-killed now and its not all from MA, but they buy it recently killed and from farms in the general area (read certainly including CT, perhaps parts of NY) a few times a week. And they pledge natural/antibiotic free. They do kill a few birds there, but its in the minority as it would be cost-prohibitive to it there and meet their wholesale market needs, but if you want it "fresh-killed" you can call and make arrangements. So they do offer fresh goose from somewhere nearby, plus additional frozen game bird options. I do like the birds from Mayflower and feel its worth a small premium over the frozen, but have used those (I believe from Canada and NY for the most part) successfully too. Savenors, Dewars, etc are other possibilities for geese....

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                            Mayflower is my go-to for fresh capon.

                            And fresh capon is better than chicken or turkey. But I don't entertain enough to justify doing it too often.

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                              I've never had Capon. Can you describe how it differs from chicken?

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                                When you roast a white-meated bird (chicken or turkey) much larger than about 4 lbs, you start to have to compromse between dark and white meat, at the risk of dry white meat. The large breasts of a capon (which are produced in an old-fashioned if not exactly "natural" way) are more resilient and tasty. For those of us who prefer dark meat because of the compromises that must otherwise be made with white meat, capon is a very welcome exception.

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                                  Hmmmm, have to give that a whirl.

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                            savenor's is asking $100 for 12-15 lb goose -- nearly $9 per pound. i just called mayflower and their price is $5.49 per pound.

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                              just saw some at Stop and Shop in Dorchester.

                          2. Bazaar in Brighton (or is it Allston by then---the big instance between Brighton Avenue and Cambridge Street, back of the formerly-Osco-anchored strip mall with Cafe del Belo[sp?]'s take-out place); last I checked, frozen geese for $70 or so.

                            1. You can check out the post I started last week, I did some research on prices for fresh goose. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/671937

                              Frozen is all going to be from South Dakota (here's one of the big places http://www.roastgoose.com/ordering.html, note you can get goose fat from them). Since goose are such a small market they tend to be labeling free-range, but all free range are not created equal. That's what you are going to get from Market Basket, Shaw's etc.

                              Wilson has fresh goose ($7/lb) from upstate NY, which I'm guessing is probably the same place Lobel's in NY City gets theres where you can mail order from for the same price. (+$20 shipping to Boston area, so it might be worth it to get it mailed depended on where you live.) I don't think Owen's poultry raises their own goose, but I could be wrong.

                              Savenors and Dewars has fresh Goose, but that runs between $10-12/lb, probably for the same goose as the other fresh ones. Whole foods no longer offers goose.

                              A while back Cooks Illustrated compared organic vs. free range vs. fresh vs frozen turkey. They said that the diffference was not detectable or not worht the price. I'm not sure how the goose goes. The only comparison I have of fresh vs. frozen was with fresh ones that I helped killed, so not a fair comparison.

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                              1. We just picked up a frozen goose at the Stop & Shop in Watertown. They range from 10-12 lb @ 4.29 lb.