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Red Beans & Rice

I realized a few trips ago that I tend to have a food "theme" to each trip to New Orleans. Since I'll be arriving on a Monday later this month, it seems natural for red beans and rice to be the featured food.

With that in mind, where are the best plates of red beans and rice to be found? My personal tastes run more toward neighborhood eateries. I'll be staying in the upper Quarter but without a car, so places in the Quarter or within easy walking distance of the streetcar lines are ideal.


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  1. Don't miss the red beans at Evelyns Place on Charters! I have been craving them since we got back home after our last trip in May.

    1. I liked them at both COOP's and Mothers

      1. there are people who swear by the red beans from Popeye's.
        you could take the streetcar to Mandina's on Canal St.:

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          I had Popeyes red beans yesterday. It was more rice than beans but still decent.

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            If I'm bringing the beans to eat at home I tell them, "no rice, please". And then simply mix it with the rice I've prepared at home. Mahatma or Water maid, superlative rice cha cha cha....you betray your age if you remember the jingle tune.

        2. The RBR @ The Praline Connection is down home-y good. Definitely a funky and good neighborhood joint. (On Frenchmen's St.) Adam

          1. I like how you are sticking with tradition and opting for red beans on a Monday.

            Check out this list:

            1. Thanks for all the good suggestions. Will be on the ground in New Orleans by lunchtime tomorrow.

              As usual, my list of places to eat and bands to see is long enough for a two-week trip. Unfortunately, this is just three days and two nights. Evelyn's will be a definite stop, as will the gumbo trio at Olivier's mentioned in another thread. Other places on the short list (always subject to change depending on where my feet wander): Domilise's, The Coffee Pot, Li' Dizzy's, Central Grocery for a take home muffaletta.

              Haven't been to Camellia Grill since it re-opened. Is Marvin back with them?

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              1. Acme in the Quarter...good beans