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Nov 11, 2008 07:19 AM

German Restaurant - LIC

I read on an Astoria website that a new German Restaurant is opening in LIC. It's called Wunder Bar German Grill & Bierhaus, 37-10 11th St, LIC. The owner was part owner of Lederhosen in the West Village. I'm really excited since I like German Food and this place can be reached by subway unlike the others in Queens. The place should open in a few days and will be open for lunch. They plan a website which should be up shortly.

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  1. Thanks - this is where Bulgara was?

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      I just did a search of Bulgara and yes it's the same location. I sure wish I had known about Bulgara. I looked at their website (still operational) and I'm impressed with the Menu.

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      1. I tried a veal sausage on a roll. Pretty good, but I thought it was overpriced at $5 for about 3 inches. I'm more excited about the selection of German beers on tap.

        1. Zum Stamtisch is in Glendale on Myrtle ave. A bit removed from the subway but worth the short bus ride from Ridgewood. I was there over x-mas. Had the herring salad, jagersnitzel and a mug of wartsteiner. Wow.

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            They must have changed chefs since I was there. I also had the Jaegerschnitzel and it was inedible. Come to think of it, all three people in my party left most of their dinners on their plates. Would never go back.