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Vanilla Beans in New York

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Where do you buy whole vanilla beans in New York? Or is it better to do mail order? Ideally below 34th st...

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  1. Kalustyan's on Lex (near W.28th, I think)...

    Happy cooking!

    1. try Kalustyan's 123 lexington ave.(bet. 28th&29thSts.).

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        funny, i didnt see them on their online site. But you've seen them in store?

      2. I've gotten them at Whole Foods before.

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            Thanks, I've been meaning to go thereā€”do they keep regular hours?

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              call first, they're not exactly a supermarket, and close fairly early.

          2. Penzey's in the Market Place located in Grand Central Station or you can order from their website: http://www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzey...
            Penzey's has very high quality spices, including vanilla beans.

            Fairway also sells vanilla beans.