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Nov 11, 2008 07:03 AM

fra mani and salumi sellers distributors / sellers in manhattan ???

I have a friend in manhattan for another two days. id like her to pick me up some of these producers product and bring it home to me. who sells it and doesn't charge an arm and a leg for it? thanks!

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  1. always available at Whole Foods anew place opened on w72nd calledSalumeria Rossi supposed to be excellent.see yesterday's post.

    1. Murray's new salami stand in Grand Central Market. And some little places: Barnyard on Avenue C, Formaggio in Essex Street Market. As well as Fra' Mani samples, you should also get her to pick up some of Salumeria Biellese's Petit Jesu, which she should find at the above.

      1. Fairway carries fra'mani.